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Sigma FP with Blackmagic RAW

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12-bit raw output (semi raw) on the Sigma via HDMI to Atomos recorder signal is an 8-bit transfer to Pro-Res Raw, not 12-bit, or even 10-bit. The signal in is 12 bit (theoretically), the conversion isn't.

The marketing and spiel around it is carefully worded to suggest it's 12-bit, when in fact it's a less than stellar conversion in monitor/recorder. This is by a company that isn't all that advanced or regarded when it comes to colour science, great at marketing however.

I'm not sure if the Black Magic Raw via HDMI is any different, but if it's anything similar then i wouldn't get too excited. 

Recording directly to SSD in DNG is still the only worthwhile 4K DCI avenue (massive data aside.) Best recording HD 12 bit in camera otherwise.


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I'm not a big fan of Atomos whichever way, but whatever the quality, the same is being claimed for the Panasonic S1H and the Z-cam as well.

One side note about all of this is that all those people who have claimed that these hybrid cameras are so great because you don't need accessories to produce video (like they say you do with the BMPCC4K/6K), may need to eat some of their words. Even Canon R5/R6 users benefit from an external monitor to avoid overheating.

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