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Educational Resources?

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Greetings all --

Just wondering what magazines, books, forums, websites, organizations, training, schools, you use for continuing your education and/or getting new ideas as to gear, techniques, etc.?

Trying to put together a list for the team that works for me, as well as to share with my leadership  to help them help us find training opportunities.

Personally, I've been relying on Newsshooter.com for a lot of my online reading, and have attending some excellent directing workshops at Maine Media Workshops. Other than that, it's been a lot of online videos via Youtube and some courses on LinkedIn Learning.

What would you recommend?


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Personally, my preferred site for news about equipment etc is Newsshooter also. Their reviews are so good. I'll only really check the other popular sites (Pro Video Coalition, Cinema5D, etc) if something catches my eye on Twitter.

I see that you spotted that post I made with the magazines. I personally have read several issues of the Sony CineAlta magazine, which I found very insightful. I'm also a member of the GTC (Guild of Television Camera Operators) in the UK, and I get their magazine which is usually very good too. As well as gear and trade talk, it often has articles on topics such as finance, insurance, legal, mental health and wellbeing, etc.

There is the long running American Cinematographer magazine too, but I've only ever flicked through copies of that when I've seen it lying around in studios etc.

I also (again, if there is a copy lying around) like to flick through broadcast and advertising industry magazines (again, usually UK specific) such as Broadcast, Campaign, and Creative Review.

For learning technical stuff, I've found Alister Chapman's XDCAM-User blog invaluable: http://www.xdcam-user.com - I've learnt so much from there.

Dennis Hingsberg has a good one too: http://www.hingsberg.com - lots of good guides on there.

As does Neil Thompson (another Sony Independent Certified Expert): https://www.imagemechanic.co.uk/training/

Another great resource is Ollie Kenchington - he has good online guides, and does great workshops (several of which are taking place online at the moment): https://www.korroacademy.com and https://www.filmconvert.com/blog/author/ollie/ - lots of Canon specific stuff, and DaVinci Resolve specific stuff.

Often overlooked, Sony have their own really great training resources: https://training.sony-europe.com/local/coursecategories/course/6 - there is a lot there. Full online courses. Very extensive.

They also sometimes run events: https://pro.sony/en_GB/support-services/support-resources-training (UK) and https://sonycine.com/dmpc/ (US). I've been to a couple, and they were good.

Also for Sony, Doug Jenson has very comprehensive online training: https://www.vortexmediastore.com/pages/vortex-media-training-videos-and-books

Here are two sites that are cataloguing as many as possible of the very many live streams that are taking place at the moment. A huge wealth of stuff out there! 

Lots of training here for free (mostly live, several coming up): 




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I'm glad you mentioned the Doug Jensen books/videos... My team has been using his video training on the FS7s for a while now. 

Thanks for the input!


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