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X-T3 focus function issues in Movie Mode

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I bought X-T3 for filmmaking. I adore the visual quality, the great 10 bit codec and Fuji optics but there are senseless problems with the implementation of the focus functions in ‘Movie Mode’ in the camera. Most egregious for me are:

- When in Movie Mode and in AF-S and the SHUTTER AF setting is “off” in the BUTTON/DIAL menu, the camera does an instant AF regardless when the Shutter Button is pressed. Maddening for a filmmaker when you’ve set focus before starting to record a shot. It works properly when in a stills mode, why not in Movie Mode?

- I have the AF-L/Fn button set to “AF-ON” to use as a back focus button. When in Movie Mode and using the camera in manual “M” focus mode I press the AF-L button for back focus function and it’s disabled. The “AF-ON” function when shooting in a stills mode when in manual focus isn’t disabled, why should it be in Movie Mode? I should be able to take an instantaneous focus momentarily in manual focus mode while recording a movie as I can with Lumix GH cameras.

- When in Movie Mode and in continuous “AF-C” focus mode there should be a way to pause the auto-focus function and manually focus. “AF+MF” in the “AF/MF” menu is disabled when in Movie Mode. It would make most sense to have Fn buttons set to “AF-ON” conversely function to pause auto focus when pressed and held.

The auto focus accuracy in the X-T3 is far, far better than in Lumix GH cameras. However, I think there has been an assumption on the part of the Fuji camera designers that movie mode users will just want defer to auto-focus. Not so. Most serious filmmakers will need more, not less, direct control over the auto AND manual focus functions.  If these changes are made in firmware, as they really should be, Fuji will need to educate users thoroughly on the new functions.

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