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Scott Emerton

Resolve text rendering issues in macOS Catalina

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I should have known you never update an OS for pretty much years after it comes out, but it's been a while now so I thought I should be OK. Unfortunately after updating from Mojave to Catalina today my external display (BenQ PD2720U) has terribly pixelated fonts which ultimately I can live with, but I was shocked to realise that any text in Resolve is exporting aliased as below.





This is really surprising as the text rendering to the file should be independent of any display hardware etc. so I'm not sure what's going on. Text looks fine on my MacBook Pro display, but even if I disconnect the external monitor and only run Resolve on the laptop display the export is pixelated.

I've tried various terminal commands (like these) to force font smoothing and sub-pixel antialiasing to no avail.

I figure it's a good 2-3 days to roll back to Mojave and an upgrade is an eventuality so trying to push through. Anyone have any ideas?

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Just posting a follow-up here for anyone that might land via a google search etc. that's struggling with text in Resolve.

Turns out it was a coincidence that I'd upgraded to Catalina the same day as restoring this project from a collaborator, who had changed some project settings. The side effect of both being a near-identical text rasterizing issue was just bad timing.

So it was the "Enable Video Field Processing" setting under "Timeline Format" in "Master Settings" that was the culprit. Disabling this setting has returned the text rendering to normal.


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