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Tilta Nucleus Nano Follow Focus

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For those who own the Tilta Nucleus Nano follow focus, or have contemplated getting one, I've discovered an interesting thing about the unit that Tilta themselves seem unaware of. When I received my Nucleus Nano quite a while back now, I contacted Tilta and asked then if the unit could be powered via the USB port. They said no, as it was only for firmware updates. I found this a bit disappointing, given that I use it on a rig with a V-lock that powers everything else, so being able to power the Nucleus Nano and not worry about the battery would have be a great option.

That said, I do have the Nucleus Nano connected to the V-lock from the 7.2V power outlet, as it automatically turns on the control unit as well as the motor when I turn on the V-lock and it has never seemed to have caused an issue (I've owned the Nucleus Nano for over a year). Anyway, not that long ago, when I turned off my V-lock, the Nucleus Nano controller turned off as well. I thought that was unusual, as previously I had to manually turn off the control wheel via the record button. So I removed the battery and discovered that it was flat. After recharging it, things were back to normal.

This repeated itself again some time later and this time I didn't recharge the battery and left things as they were. Since that time, I've been using the Nucleus Nano as normal, with a flat battery, connected to the V-lock. It's been working perfectly for months now and so I have no intention of recharging the battery as this is much better from an operational point of view (unless I want to use the control wheel away from the rig). Will it cause issues down the line? I have no idea, but so far I've experienced no issues. Could I put a dummy battery inside the control wheel? Possibly and they are available.

So I thought I'd let people know what I discovered, in case owners of the Nucleus Nano would like to have the control wheel powered from an external source rather than the battery.

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    • Yeah its an interview / general lighting style I like and learnt ,as an assistant , from a guy who has now been Oscar nominated .. Barry Ackroyd BSC..  less is more as he says .. Europe has embraced this more natural style alot earlier than the US.. I would often get some push back from US directors who wanted back lights, fill lights,  hair lights , eye lights and lights under the chin..  !!  everywhere .. and it seems when I look at the forums on line ,the US still is generally using so many lights for a simple HS shot .. but the more "natural" look has at last taken off as it seems every Netflix doc is now done like this ..  with the larger sensor ,I have fx9 and shoot FF , interviews F1.8 or 2.8 ish .. there is often no longer any need to light up the BG much either ..
    • Gotcha.  Yeah, the V1 PSU/Ballast set-up is super janky. You sound like a man after my own heart.  I've always been a "no-fill" guy.  I like shadows in the right places.  One of the long running, very popular doc series I used to shoot for was a single light on the subject.  No hair or edge and no fill.  Just the key.  But we lit the HELL out of the background.  I can just imagine if we were shooting that same series today, instead of ~20+ years ago.
    • Actually I helped Matt with the review, so I have seen it and set up the light etc ,and seen how it looks in an interview situation .. I didn't ever use the v1 but the separate ,velcro AC unit was definitely a turn off when I was looking at these type of lights .. so the all in one unit is a big plus ,and I see the new Falcon Eye 2x2 the AC is still separate .. and I guess having the rivets is some peace of mind of even if the velcro gets old you can still use the light .. and that it fits into this tiny box with all the accessories is the dream for me .. even with the big Astra box , I only ever use one light for interviews .. and no fill , in fact I always use neg fill now too.. this light / fx9 FF 6K mode / f1.8 Sony primes .. Im cooking with gas as far as minimum gear lugging and great looking interviews ..well IMHO anyway !... less is more !
    • Let us know how you like them.  I have two of the originals and I'm thinking it MAY almost be worth getting rid of(selling) them to be able to get two of the new ones, just for the new one-piece compact ballast/controller and new quick connect cables.
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