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I mentioned in another thread my idea of a two-axis gimbal and how I think it would make life easier for some operators who don't need a three-axis system. My idea is roughly demonstrated in the accompanying images and the idea is to emulate a Glidecam but utilising a motorised system. The only requirement for this gimbal is to provide pitch and roll control, and only within a limited arc, as the gimbal would be used like a Glidecam. There is a similar system made by Letus, but it's a very clunky system and quite expensive.

My initial thoughts are for a flat platform that can accommodate a fully rigged out system sitting on the top of the gimbal, so that there's no requirement for the removal of any accessories and utilising an attachment system comprising of an Arca Swiss mount  (it being easier to get a wide range of Arca Swiss rail lengths for pitch balancing) and a simple weight system for roll balancing. On subsequent thought, an alternative would be to suspend the rig from a similar handle arrangement  (or even a single handle) also allowing the likes of mic and monitor to be mounted on the handle.

I've tried the handle setup in the image with my existing rig and it's quite comfortable, though obviously offers no balancing (other than static). I think top mounted or suspended would work and offer an alternative gimbal system for those who do not require 'Inception' and similar moves, but just want an easier to use, carry and store gimbal for larger camera setups. The ECU in the diagram needs to only adjust for camera weight and nothing more, keeping things as simple as possible.

I've sent the idea off to one gimbal manufacturer, but have not heard back, which is not unexpected. But would anyone else see merit in such a gimbal?

2 Axis Gimbal - 1.jpg

2 Axis Gimbal - 2.jpg

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    • I have a Selens 120cm carbon fibre slider that I motorised and a 30cm Zeapon Micro 2 slider that's not motorised (though a motor is available).  I also have an Edelkrone 30cm knock-off that I bought ages ago. My slider (which I'll explain) is for when I go bush and want movement in scenes where there is none. The 120cm was my first slider, but proved to be way too long for taking bush and the Edelkrone knock-off was a pile of crap. The Zeapon, on the other hand, is one of the most impressive sliders that I can imagine and provides the smoothest of operations imaginable, even without a motor. It's my bush slider. I would never even consider an Edelkrone given the prices they charge and I'm not sure they are all that good given some YouTube videos I've seen. But that's just me. I don't understand what colour has to do with sliders. The start of this video was shot with the Zeapon and the Selens slider. Can you pick which was which? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggGRSe5svrI
    • Love the shorts too! Which lenses are used on the first 2? my pmw-f3 should arrive in 1 week -:) still need to decide on my lenses, I was thinking of Slr magic apo microprimes. love to hear about the grading: over or underexposing. grtz, Joeri
    • 1) MYT Works Large 4’ slider.  Self-contained, smooth, large payload capacity, well built, easy(ish) to travel(4’ and below fit in gun cases). 2) Multi-cam interviews, occasionally b-roll, but small gimbals have been replacing sliders for the same style of b-roll over the last few years for speed(no set-up). Videographer, while a technically correct word, is a bad word and no one likes to be referred to as one*.  It’s connotation and association is largely with low-end and wedding shooters from the 80’s/90’s era.  I’m not a DP, but do not call me a videographer.  Call me a shooter, photographer, cameraman, photog, cam-op, camera monkey, asshole, ‘hey you’, or pretty much anything else, except videographer.  Or late for dinner.   *Kind of like ‘police’ and ‘cop’.  In some circles, cop is considered a derogatory term for police or police officer.
    • I can't comment on Edelkrone products, but I use a Cinevate Horizen slider: because it's the most compact slider that takes the full weight of my camera, and has a lower centre of gravity than another option (MYT Works) and is significantly cheaper than the other options (Matthews, Grip Factory Munich, and Ronford Baker). Question 2: all sorts! Locations, studios, interior, exterior. As for question 3: whatever the client asks for!
    • Now the first Stormtrooper versions are being shipped and put through their paces.    
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