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Found 3 results

  1. Wanted to get some thoughts on what kind of zoom lenses people would recommend for an owner operator. I've got an Arri Amira, and these days prices on S35 zooms seem to be going down quite a bit. I've seen both Optimo DPs and Arri Alura LWZs go for well under 10k USD per lens. Some lenses even down to 7-8k. I use the Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 stills lenses with focus gears on right now, but I would really like to get a set of zooms that cover a better range and are more solid. The Sigmas are fine, but I don't want to spend the money on the cine versions as I will keep the still version of these for certain jobs. I've been eyeballing a couple of options: - Arri Alura LWZ 15.5-45 and 30-80 - Angenieux Optimo DP 16-42 and 30-80 I guess the Canon cine zooms are on the table as well, but I have never used the myself. It's a bit hard finding examples and documentation on people using these, any insight if welcome. Thanks!
  2. I've never used these, and review are a bit mixed on them, but at this price it's a hell of a bargain. Schneider-Kreuznach is offering 60% off their Xenon FF-line of lenses. That means you get the kit of 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 for 7.950 Euro (original price 17.210 Euro). Add the 18 in the mix and it's 11.540 (original price 22.708 Euro). This means you now can get a set of new cine primes with five lenses for under 8000 Euro, which is insane. I do not know if they're thinking of discontinuing the line, or if this is just a stunt to get more people into this eco-system. They don't seem very popular so both seem like they could be probable causes. From what I've seen and what I know these are perfectly acceptable lenses. Nothing special and maybe a bit much CA wide open. Not as sharp as Sigma primes, but on par with say the CP.2s and Canon CN-Es. Lower contrast that all those and not much breathing. These are made ground up for cine use and have a 14 blade aperture. Might be a bit slow for some who need a prime at 1.4/1.5, but fast enough for most things. Available in PL(M), EF(M) OR SONY (M). Anyone have hands on experience with these for those who might want to invest in these now while they're on sale? Offer valid until 31st of July. https://schneiderkreuznach.com/de/xenonffprime_promotion
  3. As a manufacturer of matte boxes, we often have to look up lens sizes to advise customers of what size clamp adapter or clamp-on ring to use with different lenses. We put together this chart that has a lot of the most used lenses in a print-friendly format that you can stick on your prep bay or matte box case. There is also an online version that lets you quickly search for keywords and is continually updated - https://www.brighttangerine.com/lenses lens sizes.pdf
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