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  1. I will say, as a RED shooter I love those cameras but for the first time Canon has me looking with this camera. Their new ecosystem is looking to be really strong. C300ii and the C500ii for mian cameras and the 1DXiii B-Roll and such. Going to be taking a hard look for sure at these before I buy a Gemini.
  2. Even though I am not a Pro at Wildlife, its the end goal for me and I am filming two shorts right now. I also use RED cameras for my work. The cache recording was and still is a huge huge plus for any type of action work ( my paid work is action sports) As for crashes, my RED has done great and i really have no plans on moving to different cameras. Cant wait to to lisen in on this one though, thank you for posting.
  3. The camera looks great but hate to say without any US support its a hard buy for myself. I love my RED and thinking about getting a second one here soon, but cameras like this hit all the boxes excpect what I would say is the most important one in support.
  4. I am in the same boat really. I love my RED but if Kine had stateside offices and a place to have them fixed I would look at them for sure. That LF looks great.
  5. I wonder what they will do to top the LF? I have never shot on their cameras but would like to one day for sure.
  6. HI, Name is Russell Johnston and I am a DP / Creative Director out of San Diego, CA. I own a small production company called Reef Creative. We work in the action sports industry with a lot of racing but our passion is wildlife and underwater cinematography. Excited to see how this forum goes, thanks to News Shooter for making a new spot on one of my favorite websites. You can see my Motorsports reel at here:
  7. Going to be a game changer of a lens for gimbal work and in systems like the Shotover. Cant wait to see it in action.
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