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  1. I think of BMD and Kinefinity as dueling rivals in the "little brother" tier of camera manufacturers. If Kinefinity were to support BRAW it would mean ceding ground in this battle. If BRAW becomes a major standard that everyone wants then BMD can then hike up the price to license it and effectively crush the other lower tier companies like Kinefinity and Z-cam. By not supporting it (and praying that it doesn't become the dominant codec) camera companies (including those on the "big brother" tier) can minimize the value of this codec. Apple, on the other hand, does not make a camera and is thus seen as more trustworthy by everyone. If we're wishing for things I'd much rather hope for a ProRes Raw v2.0 that approaches BRAW's compression ratios and has a better chance of wide adoption.
  2. I've heard a couple unsubstantiated rumors of a new camera. Nice to see some confirmation that there's fire producing all the smoke. I've never shot with a carbon fibre camera body - looks interesting
  3. Had a long conversation about it with a friend last night. One thing I noticed is that being a teammate is the most normal thing in MJ's life. Every other aspect of his life, from the looks of things, he's getting hounded by people for autographs and chit-chat. Being in practices, in the locker rooms, on buses, and on the court is when he can just be a normal person. There's that great opening scene in France where the sound guy is wiring up his lav mic and then asks him for an autograph. Like, jeez dude, do your job and let the man live his life! It's great that they capture so much of the team aspect and put it in the film so we can see who he is when he's not a celebrity.
  4. image looks good - there were a couple weird moire artifacts on the chairs that I'm guessing came from YouTube compression. You really can't beat Canon color - even if one were to go a different direction with the grade a couple places.
  5. I saved it on DVR and might re-watch tonight. Absolutely thrilling to watch. Great storytelling and the archival/access to the subjects is incredible. Having fun watch MJ's outfits evolve over the years, too.
  6. Matt interviewed me about my experience shooting on kinefinity cameras on Newsshooter here. I'm one of the first Mavo LF owners, shot the launch film for it and this review -
  7. Hi everybody - I actually texted a filmmaker friend of mine this past weekend wondering if there were any good forums that they go to online. I'm a filmmaker - direct, shoot, edit - based in NYC.
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