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  1. I own an Fx9 as my main camera and have been using a gh5s as my B camera since it came out.. time to make that B camera match better, so an A7s3 has been preordered.
  2. The 17th of March was my last full day of work. Had a short drone job pop up on the 13th of May which I was able to do as New Zealand is out of lockdown and people here are slowly starting to film again, but its very slow. I have some unpaid doco work next week but that wont pay the mortgage.
  3. Another vote for the CoreSWX adapter here..
  4. Ive been using 'generic' v-locks and gold mounts for the past 7 or so years. Ive never had an issue. Yes you might get better warranty cover buying brand name batteries but in the end the cost out weighs this. Most dealers selling generics have pretty good product backing anyway ive found.
  5. I spent the afternoon yesterday playing with the Fujinon Premista 28-100mm helping a local rental house decide whether they want to buy the pair or not.. What a lovely range. Shame about everything else though. Standard Fuji, sharp, clean, no character. Perfect for some work I guess. and lets not talk about the price..
  6. Ive been running gimbals since the Movi M10, ive balanced all the major gimbals on the market and all the smaller ronin s style gimbals too. While this problem you describe may be annoying, it doesn't actually matter. If the motors and IMU cannot compensate for this tiny tiny issue, then the product has larger failings. My preference would be to set the balance so that vertical tilt is perfect and get roll to where you had it. The gimbal should be fly fine. Interested to hear how the FX9 goes in general, ive got one and was thinking of ordering a 3s. Ive managed to balance it in my Ronin-S which was fun.
  7. If you havent tried Leitax then youv'e been missing out. Nothing else comes close.
  8. The problem with Prores RAW is that without support from BMD within Resolve its really just dead in the water in my opinion. Mavo Edge looks amazing. Must be an identical ND filter system to the FX9 as the specs match exactly, which is good.. and bad! As an FX9 owner I can tell you straight away that 7 stops is not enough if you want to shoot close to T2 or 2.8 at 800 ISO in full sun.. oh well.
  9. Is Part 1, "Just shoot it yourself?" Looks bloody great.
  10. All sounds promising. Time to upgrade.
  11. New m.2 media is a great move. Kine have been listening.
  12. Hi, im Joe. Im an Auckland, New Zealand based DOP and long time Newsshooter reader. Ive been asked by Matt, Eric & the Newsshooter team to help Moderate this forum and am looking forward to some good conversations. Heres a slightly old Reel and I really should be updating right now 😅
  13. A clever move from Canon. Tons of extremely useful features for those that have no need for a Full Frame sensor. That 4k 120p raw has me drooling. I wonder how long until we see an updated s35 flagship camera from Sony.
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