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  1. lololol. Swear I'd read it before that it was possible to do rgb444 via just SDI A port, which was 3g enabled with the update and I found it! To quote Matthew Allard: What does this all mean? This firmware allows the F3 to output full RGB video in S-Log – opening up the true potential of this camera. S-Log raises the dynamic range of the camera to 800%, and effectively increases the base ISO at 0db from ISO800 to ISO 1600. Dual-Link SDI or 3G-SDI (dual-link on one cable) gives you full RGB444, and the LUTs allow you to monitor video normally while shooting in S-Log. lolol. This come off as a snarky comment, but its not! I've read a bunch of your articles, so thank you!!! Just didn't imagine it was you and it gave me a good laugh.
  2. @Matthew Allard ACS Yeah, the second pic shows that its set to 3g RGB444. I'll try both cables, but thought that with the upgrade SDI A could now 3g out, getting rid of the dual link sdi setup. Thats whats confusing me as almost certain everything is setup as it should.
  3. Hey all! Once upon a time, some 6/7 years ago, I got the bug to shoot some videos and bought a Canon SL1. Shot some music videos and skate vids for friends, but super casual, nothing good lol, no idea what I was doing, and almost always on af. Fun 6 months, lolol. Well with quarantine and everything going on as a result, that same bug hit again. Decided I wanted to actually learn how to properly shoot and actually understand the process. Fast forward to getting lost in so many threads and amazing info on here. Definitely want to say thank you to everyone on the forum that replies, contributes excellent info, and helpful advice. Well I committed to making use of my time and got an F3 (along with a 7Q+ and lens lolol). Super psyched! First things first, trying to figure out how to properly set up recording 444(it has the upgrade) to the 7q+. Also want to pop off that busted vf immediately. Having issues getting rgb444 to output to the odyssey. Set it to 3g ypbpr422 slog and got a purple screen. 1.5 ypbpr422 slog goes through, but nothing 3g for whatever reason. Genuinely at a loss. Thanks for checking in and any feedback. Looking forward to having fun with it and sharing this journey!
  4. Hey all! Recently got the itch to start shooting, so snagged up a Sony F3 and found my way here! Psyched to see all the amazing info on here!
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