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  1. Yikes! $250/year subscription for plug-ins? I have too many software subscriptions already...currently $2k/year. I understand the appeal of subscription software, but unless you can make use of a large package of software, individual pricing makes more sense to most people. Adobe took a lot of heat when they introduced the Creative Cloud, and eventually started offering individual apps for subscription. I already subscribe to RedGiant's software, which includes a gaggle of PremierePro/After Effects effects plug-ins. Many of the effects from Motion Array are redundant, so it doesn't appeal to me.
  2. I have read two reviews of the Flowtech that claim the legs will slip under pressure. I have been looking for a new set of legs, but I'm a bit wary of this system. I have two pairs of Sachtler Speed Lock CF legs, and both of them have slipping legs. There is a tiny screw that can add some tension to the legs, but they still slip. My camera has fallen once, trashing my teleprompter glass, and I can't afford to have this happen again.
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