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  1. The info about Slog on xdcam-user.com is worth investing the time to read thoroughly. In the meantime, to get you going, here's a LUT that I use to transform S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 footage to REC709. To my eye, it maps the color better and provides a good base contrast curve that rolls off the highlights more gently than the REC709 transform LUT provided by Sony. As to your question, yes in nearly all cases, you should adjust exposure and white balance before the LUT. S-Gamut3Cine_S-Log3_to_REC709.cube.zip
  2. Yes, we are definitely spoiled for choice these days at every price point. While I know that Matt isn't a fan of BMD cameras 😉 I think that options like the BMD Ursa Mini Pro and the BMD 4K Pocket remain the current best image quality bang for the buck that one can buy, even with the likely drops in price for used models from Canon, Sony, and Panasonic (used Alexas/Amiras are still in another universe in terms of price, even the Alexa Classic which can be found under $10K these days becomes quite expensive when you add the required PL mount glass). Granted, I do also work as a colorist in addition to shooting, so I'm always going to be biased towards cameras that capture raw or intraframe 12bit 444 in camera over the color subsampled and (often but not always) long-GOP compressed offerings from Canon, Sony, and Panasonic that are in the same price bracket, or that can now be acquired used in the same price bracket since the recent updates and discounts.
  3. Yes, it will definitely be interesting to see what happens when restrictions are lifted and what the new landscape of available work looks like. As you noted, some are predicting a doubling up as postponed projects are put into production on top of things already planned, plus the pent up demand from the advertising and corporate video world. So, a lot of unknowns, but yeah, the possibility is there that we will all have abundant work eventually 🤞
  4. It's not a unique method for Canon. They did it on the original C300 as explained in detail in this presentation by Larry Thorpe from Canon back in 2011 https://vimeo.com/34685623 On the original C300 it worked because the sensor, even in that original model, had UHD photosites while the recoding was all at HD. So, off the sensor they were getting full 1920x1080 HD in Red and Blue, and two channels of Green in full 1920 x 1080 HD. On the C300 Mark III the sensor is 4K, there's no oversampling for 4K/UHD recordings, so I don't understand how it would work the same way, though they seem to be describing it as the same. I hope someone is able to get more details from Canon about how it's working without the oversampling. Are they simply scaling each of the RGB from 2k/HD to 4K/UHD? It's unclear.
  5. Yeah, some wonky gimbal in there. Makes me wonder whether they were facing some time or other limitations. Overall, some very lovely images. With raw recording cameras at this level, the displayed image is nearly 100% determined by the color processing applied in post production. From any displayed image, it's virtually impossible to determine whether what's seen on screen is the result of a creative choice versus an actual technical limitation of the capture. Even in direct camera tests and shootouts, much of the time what gets compared is only the off the shelf manufacturer default display prep for each camera rather than the actual inherent technical qualities of each one. It will be great to have some raw files from the C300 Mark III to play with. Are there are links to download posted anywhere online yet?
  6. All production cancelled, even lost all my scheduled post production color gigs because if no one can shoot, there's nothing for me to grade. For the first time in three decades of working, I applied for unemployment. At some point a portion of the restrictions will be relaxed, and I wonder whether it will allow for documentary production that isn't strictly news. Will documentary filmmaking be seen as essential enough to be allowed? Will we have to shoot from at least 6 feet away and only outdoors?
  7. Yes, I think it's optimistic as well. Even though the current 'shelter in place' orders are likely to be relaxed once there is adequate testing and tracking along the lines of what South Korea has been able to do, but I can't see how large public events like Cinegear will be able to be held in anything but a virtual form until there is a vaccine.
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