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  1. Hello you all! Some friends and myself are trying to develop an application and we are planning the whole project at the moment. The problem now is that we need a data infrastructure to store and manage all the incoming and outgoing data of the application. We are thinking about using MySQL for the database and we would prefer to use it in a cloud. So we were searching for solutions and found out about Aiven as a DBaaS-Provider. Allegedly it is a cloud based and fully managed data infrastructure which is also open source. Does someone of you had similar problems and maybe tried this DBaaS-Provider? We would like to know if Aiven is secure and if the data is encrypted? We would be happy if anyone of you would like to exchange their experiences! Hopefully someone of you know more about that. Kind regards
  2. I've only used it with the capsule it comes with. No idea what else you could use. But i've got some friends who know way more about all this then I do. What would you like to use it for, also indoor dialogue?
  3. I think you might be onto something here. Young folks really are used to consuming most of their medie either in vertical moder or in 1:1 ratio. One thing that could even frther this kind of change in media is that media and advertisement have always been closely working together. And in advertisement you can look at the same sift because of all the social media ads...
  4. Cool animations bro! If you really just started using these programs it's already pretty impressive. The only tiny bit of cirizism i can give you is that you could make it slower so the viewer has more time to look at whats happening in the videos hahahah
  5. Did you try it out ord doid you go with the gym membership? I've started using a gimbal myself and i encounter pretty much the same problems as you do. The only difference is that i can't even manage to hold it for 90 seconds...
  6. This is sooo good hahahah I really like that this video shows how these big companies try to use this fr themselves. But seriously, the editing of the video is superb!
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