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  1. I went the Google Drive route and have over 110Tb uploaded so far. We have 7 drive users so we have unlimited space. They don't seem to throttle you after 1000Gb from my experience, although they only allow a single user to upload 750Gb per day. So my work around is logging into multiple accounts on a single machine and just making sure to not upload more than 750Gb per day to each account. The whole cloud route is a bit tedious and slow, so its not our sole backup solution, we still have another physical backup but since were using G-suite regardless we mine as well utilize the free G drive space.
  2. I couldn't agree more. It seems like BM is encouraging the use of SSD media more and more but the only option given is over USB-C. I personally would have loved to see the approach Kinefinity has taken with their cameras, specifically the Mavo Edge. While they do give the option for the SSD caddy that attaches to the back it adds a significant amount of length to what is an already somewhat long camera, and it still has to use USB C (the mounting screw makes it more secure, but still not as safe as it being inside the camera itself). BM choosing to keep URSA mini body design is the only thing holding me back from switching from our Helium DSMC2. I love the workflow with BRAW and Resolve and so badly wish they could this sensor in a more modular versatile camera body like the Red DSMC2 or Alexa Mini bodies.
  3. We have our Pockets setup with a dummy v-mount battery plate and a d-tap splitter, its been a pretty solid setup for us but works best with slim style v-mounts otherwise the rig gets a little to tall.
  4. Here's a look at how we setup our camera gear area in our studio. I would love to hear peoples thoughts and see how other people have their camera/gear areas setup!
  5. We picked up the Falcon Eyes RX-36TDX on a warehouse deal and have been really happy with it. The biggest annoyance is the collapsible bracket used for attaching to stands which can be a bit flimsy, but for the price its a solid light option. Here's a video we did on it.
  6. That makes a lot of sense, competition is always a good thing. I'd certainly be open to a ProRes Raw v2.0 that had higher compression ratios similar to BRAW or R3D. Also having ProRes Raw fully supported in Davinci Resolve would be real nice.
  7. Really exciting to see a camera like this especially with the dual mag system and the super simple low profile UPS system. I would LOVE to see Blackmagic Design go this design route with their next high end camera. When BMD originally announced BRAW they said they were open to supporting BRAW in other cameras...but since then havn't heard much other than launching it in their video assist monitors. Might be a dumb questions but does anyone know what kind of relationship BMD and Kinefinity have, would there ever be the possibility of seeing BRAW in Kinefinity cameras? Maybe thats out of the question since they already have ProRes Raw.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm Caleb, a DP and Editor for a creative agency and video production company based in North Dakota. We also have a Youtube channel we occasionally upload videos to. Excited to see this forum launch!
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