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  1. Thank you for your answer. Seems nice but i'm more into something like the Wooden Camera zip box : simple and cheap 🙂
  2. I just bought one. I'm searching a way to put ND on it, for gimbal use. Any ideas somebody ?
  3. Hello, I bought the Tilta mini follow focus and I'm happy with it, but it only work well with "infinite to the left" lens like Tamron. Any recommandation for a not too expensive reversible follow focus ? thanks
  4. Hello, I'm currently working on a project and I use a lot of denoiser. But it's so slow it's hurt. I know this plugin use a lot of CPU/GPU but i'm wondering if something is wrong with my set up / update. > iMac 2017 i7 4,2 ghz, Radeon 580 8 go, 32 go ram, Catalina, FCPX 10.5.1 and Reduce Noise V5 I have 1,2 fps, optimized settings, on 6K Red files from a DMSC2 Dragon-X. But maybe it's normal and I need to change my mac. BTW anybody know if Neat Denoise is ready for the new Apple M1 ?
  5. Hello, No more issue for me now, but I can't explain how. It seems it's a library related glitch because it was only on a specific library at the time. Sorry, I know how frustrating it can be.
  6. Anybody have some micro cut off with those ? I have 3 pairs. Not necessary on crowded wifi place but anywhere so it's very annoying. I will just stick with my cumbersome but trusty Seinheiser I guess.
  7. Seems like my Flowtech 75 is too light. Thank for the advice.
  8. Hello, I'm just wondering what's the secret to avoid shakes on a telephoto lens with high wind ? A heavy tripod ? Small footprint ? Hiding in a hole ? Thank you.
  9. I saw some youtube tests and it seems that the autofocus with other lens only work on photo mode. For video use, you need Sony lens.
  10. Hello, Does anyone else have issues with the built-in "Modify RED RAW Settings" process in FCPX ? When I try to change a setting, it's show : "Final Cut Pro must complete other tasks before performing this operation...The operation cannot be performed because "Calculate Render Bar" is running in the background. Use the Background Tasks window to monitor or cancel the task before trying again" but nothing is running in the background. For now I manage to change the setting in Redcine X and it's apply to my FCP timeline shortly after, but it's very annoying. Everything is up to date, and the bug follow me since several versions of FCP and Redcode plugin.
  11. Hi, I'm glad you like this gimbal, I find mine very frustating. The Crane 3S is not very easy to handle so first you should get a ring to hold the gimbal like this one Then you should look at something like a readyrig or easyrig or the Proaim's cheaper options. Or the Armorman from Tilta. Surely a gym membership will be cheaper 🙂
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