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  1. @Run&Gun You‘re right. From the R5 manual: Set the recording method for movies. • Standard Records movies to the card selected in [ Record/play]. • Auto switch card Same as [Standard], but recording ends when the card becomes full. When you resume recording, the camera switches to the other card for recording. A new folder is created after switching cards. • Card 1 RAW, Card 2 mp4 For each recording, a RAW movie is recorded to card 1 and an MP4 movie to card 2, both with the same file number. When one card becomes full, recording is no longer possible.
  2. No dual slot recording at all in any mode if I remember correctly (don‘t remember where exactly I read that but pretty sure here on Newsshooter too...).
  3. Except I‘m not. You read way too much into what I actually wrote. I would have bought a BMPCC 6K for its EF-mount, the great codecs and framerates. But its power draw (and to a smaller degree the lack of AF) makes it unfit for my shootings, which is 90% documentary. So I gave my perspective for the person starting this thread, who is looking for a documentary camera. That’s it.
  4. Just rent one and try, then you don‘t have to relay on hearsay. Because remember...? However you turn it, Battery life of the BMPCC is still not great. That‘s all I‘m saying. Don‘t take it personal, you can still use and like your BMPCC.
  5. It cannot do it continuously since it has a 30min recording limit. But yes, it almost holds through a whole shooting day on one battery. Go rent one and try if you don‘t believe me.
  6. Battery life of < 1 hour can be considered insufficiant for certain uses. It might not be for you but certanly is for other people. That does not mean it‘s misinformation, it simply is a different perspective. And one last info: A 90D runs for 5 to 6 hours on that exact same battery. Sure, it has other shortcomings, but that was the main reason I bought it as a B-Cam instead of a BMPCC 6K. Because for me that‘s a crucial factor. YMMV
  7. Those were your words: I replied to that quote... And again, this is just some baseless smartassism. Sure, you can shoot documentaries with a GoPro. But there are better options. Is it camera snobbery when someone does not want to shoot an interview with a GoPro? But whatever, I don‘t know why I‘m arguing with you anyway. Needs, experiences and expectations can vary. Maybe we can agree on that?
  8. Ah, come on. With the C200 I can shoot for two hours straight with a BP-30, and 4-5 hours with a BP-60. And I wrote in my first reply „...not viable for doc work WITHOUT an external power solution.“ As it’s name suggests, the BMPCC is not really a Docu-Cam. But admittedly neither are the S1, XT4 and Z6. I‘m not even saying the BMPCC is a bad Camera, but battery life IS one of it‘s weaknesses and something to be aware of. Cheers
  9. 45/60min battery life for 6k/4k bmpcc according to official stats. For me that‘s way to poor for docu shooting.
  10. One thing to consider with the BMPCC: battery life is really, really poor, not viable for doc work without an external power solution.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. Pricing seems crazy high on Wistia with not much info on what you actually get for that. But no download option it seems. "Grow a community of brand advocates with Wistia" they say in their video. So focused on service for corporate stuff I guess...? I think I'll stick to Vimeo...
  12. Thanks for those insights, Mr. Emerton. That is indeed an encouraging sign when you were able to talk to the engineers. I also did not know about that debug tool... Lets hope they manage to sort out those issues soon.
  13. Yes! Altough the „just“ in that sentence is a big understatement. Fluid streaming is the heart of the whole service, none of the other features can compensate for bad streaming quality. If there was another service offering similar posssibilities, I‘d give it a chance. But it seems there isn‘t...
  14. No, it's not about that. Some of my clients embed Videos directly from my Vimeo account to their Website. And as you have probably experienced too, sometimes they ask for changes in the Video. In those instances replacing the Video instead of reuploading and reembed simply saves me and my client time and helps not clutter my account with endless versions of a Video... I indeed do use both Vimeo and YouTube. But for what I need Vimeo to do for me, YouTube is not a viable alternative. Hence the start of this topic...
  15. Huh? Because you‘re not a ‚creative‘ you accept the shortfalls of YouTube and use Windows? Seriously though: If my question was about displaying only, then your answer would be kind of on topic. But I regularly use those features of Vimeo that YouTube hasn‘t: The option to replace a Video while preserving URL, the option to download the original Video in a Codec of choice, Password protection for single Videos and whole Playlists (does YouTube have that?) and yes, the option to customize the player. It has been my go-to platform for previewing, collaborating and sharing Videos with clients and aditionally to embed videos on my website. YouTube only serves for the latter. In the before-corona-times Vimeo playback was generally acceptable for me, now it is not. This isn‘t about Pro/Amateur, this is about needing/using features YouTube does not offer. Neither on Mac nor on Windows, neither for ‚creatives‘ nor for craftsman...
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