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  1. Yep, of course. But in documentary it seems that there are different rules and the standard is 16:9 no matter what the story is. So, I'm wondering what 2.35:1 references are out there or if it's just rarely ever done in docs.
  2. I know docs are normally presented in 16:9 or maybe 2k. Anyone know of docs that have been presented in 2.35:1 or a similar wider screen aspect? I can't think of any examples but I'd like to find some if they exist. More details - I'm working on something with a lot of landscapes which in narrative would be 2:35, but it's a doc. We're debating between 16:9 and 2:35. Target initially is theatrical.
  3. Did you ever figure this out? Was it done live or recorded? My guess would be that it's not live to audience and they had the person film with their phone from the side and then just send the file over afterwords. If that's the case, it could also b presented as a way to protect the participant - "Set up your phone from the side and film the whole interview so you have a copy for your records too. Just so you feel extra safe we will represent you accurately. And if you're up for it, send us the copy as well and we'll use it to make the interview look even better." But if it's live, then, wow, yeah no idea...
  4. Hello from a California that's on fire. I'm a documentary director that's drawn to stories that inspire awe, especially when it comes to the meaningful moments of life. This was a big year for me as I got my first film in theaters (Free Burma Rangers). It was a big accomplishment for us. 650 theaters in February, and because of Covid shtting down theaters in March it's currently the #1 theatrical doc of 2020. 🤷🏼‍♂️. What a strange year for the industry. Now the film is on Amazon Video. I've been directing for almost 20 years: a feature doc on HIV/AIDS “Dear Francis” (Showtime), an early comedy webseries “Lovin’ Lakin” (Hulu - Kristen Bell, Seth McFarlin), but my main time has been spent making mini documentaries for nonprofit organizations. www.brentgudgel.com. I did a decade in Hollywood, then several years in Austin, TX, and now I'm back in California near Yosemite. Gear has come and gone over the years and I currently don't have a ton. I used to be quite into gear though. My DP and I inadvertently contributed to the DSLR revolution in '08 when we put this D90 camera test online, several months before the 5D came out. We didn't think anyone would see it - and we didn't even white balance properly - but it went kinda viral in the community because the DSLR depth of field difference was so striking. I definitely never got hired because of that poorly shot video. It's wonderful to find out about this forum.
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