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  1. Hi, I'm Sadiq, I've been interested in and doing videography for a few years - one of my favourite brand in this field is Edelkrone. I haven't used its products much but for a little time I used them, I liked the quality of them. Currently I'm studying 3D Motion Design to improve my videography and video editing skills. I thought a lot about what my first project should be, I had to choose a project that wouldn't be boring when I'm working on it and it should have a rather simple models so I don't have much difficulty working on it. Then I decided on making animations of Edelkrone's products because that I like that brand and their models aren't that much complex. Ucan read read the article with animations here: https://teletype.in/@mirsadiq/R_5VOJGdm
  2. Hello all. I'm an amateur Motion designer. I'm working on 3D motion video about camera sliders currently and especially about Edelkrone company's products. I need to learn why users prefer to use the the sliders they currently own, to make a good job. Could you please answer my questions below? 1. Which model is the slider you currently own and what are its pros for you? 2. In which places and situations you usually use your slider? 3. Which colors do you prefer to use in your videos? As a videographer, what are your thoughts on effects, colors and visual stuff? If you have and thoughts on Edelkrone products, please share it with me Thanks a lot
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