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  1. @Run&Gun I hear you on the viewfinder, I do really want the 30 for that flip-out screen... unfortunately, I work for a giant organization so it’s more of a “this is what we’re ordering, like it or get out” situation... Yeah, and it would be nice to Have the 120 FPS that the 750 has as well. ah well, maybe one day I’ll strike it rich and just buy all my own equipment...
  2. @Nezih Ugh, that lens sounds like a complete nightmare then... I'd probably never, ever use it! Yeah my Canon is a 1.8 with a 2x... it's a real-deal broadcast beast. Crossing my fingers on the chromatic aberration situation with the single chip though...
  3. Thanks @Martin Håndlykken -- makes a lot of sense. I see the list price of that lens is less than $4,000... My Canon B4 lens was about $34,000, so the difference must be felt somewhere, right? Also great to hear about the batteries -- They'll be giving me the exact same ones with the same BRICK light and I was worried about that, too. Sounds like that addresses basically all my concerns... unless of course someone else has a gigantic "BUT!" to add...
  4. Thanks a ton to both of you @Run&Gun & @Martin Håndlykken -- all good points, and I think you sort of confirmed a lot of what I was already feeling. I'm also wondering, though, what specific things become cumbersome when you're using an FS7 to shoot ENG/doc-style stuff? Are there things buried in the menu that I'd otherwise have quick access to in a straight ENG cam? ...And an update on the lens: looks like the kit would also be coming with the 18-110mm Sony e-mount, so that takes care of the sensor cropping issue... Anybody worked with that lens? Two things on the z450: How is the low light performance? I've always been really disappointed with the noise above 0db on my PX5000, and super impressed with what the new larger-sensor cine and DLSRs have been able to do in the dark. Also, does the location of the flip-out LCD on the z450 bother anybody? Being in the back like that, it seems like it would be pretty difficult for me to see when, say, holding it above my head trying to shoot a scrum on the sidewalk here in NYC. The placement of the LCD on my Panasonic is further forward, so I can just flip it down and look straight up. Am I overthinking this?
  5. Hi all -- posting for the first time here, hoping for some advice choosing between two great cameras. I'll start by saying I've spent my career shooting on 2/3" ENG-style cameras, and I'm currently using a Panasonic PX5000 with a wide angle 4.5-60 canon lens. It's been a great tool for general news shooting (pressers/features/protests/natural disasters) as well as high-end documentary-style work. My shop is in the middle of a transition from Panasonic to Sony, and I've been given the option between the FS7ii with the ENG buildup kit (w/v-mount battery/wireless pack/shoulder mount/B4 lens adapter), and the z450 with the HDVFEL20 viewfinder. Both would make use of the same 4.5-60mm Canon HJ14Ex 4.3b IRSE lens that I already know and love. The FS7 kit sounds attractive to me because I'd be able to retain the same flexibility of an ENG camera while having the bigger Super35 sensor and the ability to shoot up to 180fps. On the other hand, the z450 seems like a much more robust unit, with nearly identical ergonomics to the PX5000. Does anybody have experience shooting with these two cameras day-to-day? I like the idea of the FS7 kit, but I'm just concerned it won't hold up or be as convenient in some of the more run-and-gun situations I'm faced with. Thanks!
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