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  1. Cheers Nezih. Good to see that, thanks
  2. that's really helpful Günther. Especially the reduser post, a lot of Q's answered. Thanks!
  3. Hi all 👋 Phil Cooper here, London-based lighting camera operator & filmmaker focusing on documentary, branded content & the odd corporate for my sins - http://the-cooper.com/ Interested mainly in lighting, lenses, filtration - arent we all! Blackmagic Ursa Pro G2 owner, Zeiss distagon / planar primes etc. Cheers Newsshooter !
  4. Hi Martin - a mate of mine with both the C500 mkii and DP's confirms they fit just fine. Obviously S35 image circle means incompatibility at FF but cropped in all is well.
  5. Hey all - perhaps late to the party but I've had my eye on a 2nd hand set of Celere HS's and wonder if any DP's out there have experience shooting on them, and what their thoughts are good and bad. I'm specifically interested in image quality, skin tones, character, how they handle highlights etc. Links to work welcome! They've got a lot going for them, FF, T1.5 throughout, robust design etc but rumours too they are essentially re-housed Xenon's / Sigma Cine's. Then there's the fact the company got sold and so draws questions for any after-care. Lot of hearsay out there, so I thought I'd find out some more!! Cheers
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