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  1. Hey Phil, Not sure if you are still looking but I have used multiple different sets of the Celere's across a variety of projects. I was fond of the softer feel and found them a usable budget friendly option when we couldn't afford something like the cooke S4s. Image wise they were nice, very different wide open to being stopped down even half a stop. Rehousing questions aside I felt I could create nice images with them. I am on the hunt for lenses as well and a couple experiences I have had whilst using the Celeres stop them from being a purchase option for me. On 2 seperate occasions with 2 different sets I have had the focus ring of the 85mm become so stiff/stuck it was almost unturnable through 6ft-20ft... Both times this made the lens unusable. I have had the lenses switched out by a hire company because their 85mm was out of order due to focus issues. I have also had an 18.5mm with a slipping iris ring. The only way to get it to engage was to point the lens at the sky... Again it was pretty much useless. I have other anecdotal stories from owners and users but I will stick too first hand experience. Find it a bit of a shame as I felt they provided something different in the lower end price bracket. Cheers, Kurt
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