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  1. Which kind of connection do they use doesn't mean anything... Using DSP and ASICs inside to be able to handle 4K output (and also certify the signal path for the added required bandwidth) is a cost...in a camera which costs already half of what other cams with the same sensor...and with an included 5" monitor too...
  2. Being able to punch-in to 1:1 to its native 4K on an external 7" daylight viewable monitor would be very handy...yeah this limitation is really strange on this cam, probably to keep costs down or to re-direct some sales to the UMP family...
  3. Reading the chat on the side of the ProAV Q&A youtube vid about the R5 and R6, apparently R5 has 13.5 and R6 has 14.5 stops of latitude, how can they get to these numbers with CLOG1??? Maybe using the HDR PQ picture profile???
  4. Very! and also useable in a pinch using E27 holders too
  5. Thanks Matt!!! Speaking of lenses I think you should add a subcategory specifically for lenses in the marketplace section for future classifieds 😜
  6. Have you tried Kindai/Rayqual? Or at least Novoflex?
  7. You posted it 20 days late 😜
  8. Thanks @Tim - Bright Tangerine! This was really needed since ages he he I had to use a spreadsheet which was around made by a 1st ass he he BTW I think you should not only add to the database the gorgeous Cooke Varotal 20-100mm which is 144mm but also making a 144mm Misfit Kick rear clamp adapter for it! Pleaseeeeeeeeee ❤️ Or your 143mm one will fit? I tried the ARRI 143mm clamp back for the LMB in a rental house and it didn't... Stay safe!!!
  9. Thanks Phil!!! Do you think this applies to the C300 MK3 too??? It should have the same ND filters assembly and clearance, right?
  10. Canon RF is being discussed on the FB group...Nikon F is easy, just buy a quality EF to F adapter for your lenses from Kindai/Rayqual or Novoflex or eventually Leitax if you want a more permanent solution.
  11. Thanks Caleb for the video!!!
  12. Really interesting unit but it's really a shame that usually Aperture and Nanlite are not compatible even if having the same bowens bayonet...Nanlite manufacture the best Fresnel and Aputure the leko attachment...ah!!!
  13. You're my hero today Gleb! Thanks!!!!!!!!
  14. I have to say Forzas are very very good and in my experience color rendition is better than Aperture 120D MK2 and 300D MK2...let's hope they will do better on the 600D, I like their integrated controller design and their wireless system and app!
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