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  1. John

    MKE 200 User opnion

    Hi is anybody start using Sennheiser MKE 200 ? I am planing to buy .
  2. John

    Aputure Nova P300c

    😍😍 Great .
  3. My friend bought C300 III from UBMS Dubai showroom . It is a very good one . I see one video of a buyer. Watch this This is their website https://unitedbroadcast.com/canon-eos-c300-mark-iii-digital-cinema-camera-body-ef-lens-mount.html I don't have more details. But i think it will be available in all retailer soon .
  4. Recently i visited UBMS showroom in Dubai, I have seen this lens . They have putted 4 lenses ( 85MM, 50MM, 36MM, 18.5MM ) together in clearance sale . They are offering this 4 lenses together for $10,082.00 https://unitedbroadcast.com/celere-imperial-lens-combo-85mm-50mm-36mm-18-5mm.html
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