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  1. Jeroen Damen. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Graduated at the Dutch filmacademy in 2005, Sound Design. Worked on major movies, mainly in post also a bit on set. 2006~2012 Switched to doing more and more editing and some light VFX. When Apple's Color came about also as Colorist. I was also directing/ producing corporate commercials on the side quite frequently, usually hiring a small crew: camera, sound, light. I was starting my production house: 'De Filmboetiek' in 2008. Then came the financial crisis. To survive i was forced to pick up the camera myself, and started learning all i could about camera work and had a very big interest in lighting (still have). Via via i got asked to do a low budget TV commercial. It became a succes, and have made hundreds TV and Radio commercials over the last 10 years, and still going on 🙂
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