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  1. Does anyone know if you can use the Optimo DP zoom line on the Red Gemini with a Tilta Revolva ND filter tray?
  2. What about for a tall dude such as myself? getting the camera to chest height is better for me than the shoulder because I'm always pointing the camera down at someone. As we know, when the angle is high it puts the subject in the diminutive position, which isn't what I always want. This is why I tend to always run with a tripod.
  3. I am completely enamoured by the quality and features of the Amira, and I am considering using it on some shoots, but I was wondering what people's experiences are filming with it? It weights about 5.3kg+ with battery on it (not including lens), and I understand it is mainly used as a shoulder mounted rig, but I am 6'4", so I have never filmed from the shoulder because the angle is too high. My style is generally to use a tripod, then flick the camera off to get interesting handheld angles for b-roll. How much does is fatigue an issue for Amira shooters due to the weight? For very involved documentary style shoots I find that I tend to get less creative or ambitious with shots towards the end of the day when using heavy cameras. Or should I just hit the gym more often? 🙂
  4. I was hoping to get some opinions on these lenses, but the conversation shifted pretty early on to expanders. Maybe that's a separate thread?
  5. yo no kidding. the S1 performed better than everything except the Amira and the Mavo LF, and it was using a codec of only around 400 mbps. what is this alchemy??
  6. I just moved to Germany. Where is a good used marketplace for lenses, or video gear in general?
  7. True, it's probably too heavy for involved shoots as a one man band. It's just that the range and speed is so juicy! I only have a small experience with the Zeiss, but as I mentioned, I was turned off by the slight exposure shift when zooming in. I was filming products, and it was annoying that there was a difference in the image when going in for a closeup.
  8. What do you use for wide shots? Also I haven’t been able to understand the difference between the Optimo and Optimo Style lenses besides the huge price difference. Can you clarify?
  9. I've also been trying to research which lightweight cinema zoom lenses to buy. I built my chops on the Canon photo lens 17-55, which is such a great range for getting a variety of shots. The Angenieux 17-80 f2.2 seems like the perfect range for an owner/operator. Does anyone know why that was discontinued or "replaced" by the 30-90? Of all the thousands of lens tests and comparisons, there doesn't seem to be one for the lightweight zoom category. So the Angenieux's, Alura's, Fujinon, and Zeiss... p.s. I was on a shoot with the Angie EZ zooms, they worked great. I also used the Zeiss 21-120 and it had a slight exposure shift as it zoomed in even as the aperture stayed the same.
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