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  1. I did talk to a Atomos rep and he said the shogun 7 would take any RAW feed but I guess he was wrong on it. Thank you Matthew, at least I know for sure now
  2. Has anyone heard anything about Sony Fx9 RAW output to Atoms shogun 7? I was assured that if I updated the camera and shogun that RAW would work. I get this instead...when I talked w Atomos, they said shogun wasn't ready yet (which contradicts what their rep told me when I double checked before buying)...I thought I did something wrong but Atomos told me that it doesn't work yet...weird confusing intel. I'm hoping that I missed something and that it works but don't see it happening
  3. i have the same problem. really disappointing...going to send back. support, instructional vidzetc might've been good
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