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  1. It's a little out of my budget. I've done bigger doc shoots with FS7 and F5's before and I think I'll continue to use those where I can on doc shoots when renting is an option. This purchase is so that I can have something to do smaller doc projects, self funded doc work, reduced-rate or pro bono work for charities and activist groups, personal projects, music videos etc.
  2. Actually I haven't given these cameras perhaps as much thought as I should have. Looking at the specs my main reservations would be - lack of IBIS which I *think* is something I consider essential for doc filming now, though maybe that's misguided. - M43 sensor which I assume won't perform as well in low light as the full frame mirrorless cameras
  3. Thanks for the clear breakdown. Based on the last week reading in circles around the internet it is indeed a tricky decision. The S1H is probably out of my price range and more than double the cost of the XT4 where I am. The XT4 does look great though I wonder if I'll regret the lack of full frame and the diminished low light ability. I love being able to shoot with available light without having to worry. I've become accustomed to the a7sii low light capabilities. My only other point of reference is the Gh2 (my last camera). I assume even the XT4 represents a marked improvement on the lowlight performance of the Gh2?
  4. Hi Everyone. I've been scouring every corner of the internet for days now trying to figure out which camera to go for and I'm pulling my hair out. I'm looking for a versatile mirrorless camera for a mix of documentary and narrative work. I'm confident that all the options I'm looking at are suitable for the kind of narrative, commercial and music video work I do. However I also need something that I can use for documentary work - largely handheld. Sometimes filming actuality, following subjects around. Sometimes nice cinematic b-roll. I like to keep DOF relatively shallow. My priorities: - Good IBIS - Good lowlight - Ability to record and monitor audio - Good for photography - A good native zoom lens for general documentary work Secondary considerations: - 10- bit internal would be nice - Autofocus - AF is something I've never used in the past. Being trained in natural history filmmaking a decade ago - the idea of using AF for video was laughable. I'm unsure whether I'm missing a trick here. Is some AF now truly good enough to accurately track and keep focus on subjects at shallow depths of field? Right now it's a real toss up between the Panasonic S1, Nikon Z6 and the Fuji XT4 For a while I was pretty set on getting the Panasonic S1. I like the idea of a bigger camera for handheld work and the IBIS looks great. Internal 10 bit also appealing. But once I add the costs of the firmware upgrade and an expensive L-series zoom, the whole kit will cost around €3200, instead of around €2300 for the XT4 or €2100 for the Z6. I considered the Gh5 and A7iii too but I'm leaning away from them because of the bad low light and m4/3 mount on the gh5 and the lack of 10-bit recording (even externally) on the a7iii. I'm leaning towards full frame options for what they offer in terms of shallow DOF and low light capabilities. I have a set of old Nikon AIS primes which I love using and plan on adapting these to whatever setup I have. Any help here would be much appreciated!
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