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  1. I don't think the Metabones is causing the problem, autofocus with EF lenses works very well in stills mode, but not in video mode. I'm hoping Sony will fix this with the next firmware update, unless of course it's a deliberate tactic to push sales of E-mount lenses
  2. Picked up my A7S3 last week and been testing it over the weekend - strange thing is, I can't get autofocus to work in video mode with EF lenses attached via Metabones IV. Works fine in stills mode with all the lenses I tested (Canon 24-70/2.8 L, 70-200/2.8 L, 24/1.4 L), and autofocus in video mode works with the same combination on the A73 and A7S2, so what's going on here? Is it just me, or are others experiencing this, too? 2 things I have already checked - Metabones firmware is up to date, and I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with settings in the camera, because autofocus works fine with E-mount lenses. Chris www.christopher-rowe.de
  3. Great podcast, very informative for working cinematographers - keep em, Michael!
  4. Hi, this is Chris, British DP located in Berlin and normally shooting documentaries worldwide (hope that starts up again soon but not very optimistic at the moment) . Favourite shooting style - hand-held with my Amira, but also enjoy putting my Phantom 4 in the air and experimenting with 360° cameras. Hope this will be a great platform for interaction with other cinematographers and filmmakers. And who knows, maybe there are enough Amira owners and/or operators out there to warrant our own section one day!
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