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  1. well I'm thinking on to try to enanche the quality of my SUPERPROFESSIONAL (as contents and speakers - takea look at their names of GOOGLE) WEBINAR. The problem of different quality of the equipment used and the necessity to teach speakers to be more professional about lights and sound it is right BUT I want only to have a feature for my POcket easy to make I think and tha atem solution is not the right way to go as ELGATO exists
  2. in this video made yesterday night (CET) you can see different type of webcam feed to my youtube channel with ZOOM PRO. My webcam (you can sse at the beginning) was my BMPCC4K connected to my PC with ELGATO CAM LINK 4K Take a look and you can see by far the difference in term of quality (even if youtube processes the streaming only at 720p).
  3. Ray NOT ONLY BUT ALSO.. as webcam I mean PS ATEM Mini it's not 4k ready
  4. I understand your opinion. I actually use CAM LINK 4K with my BMPCC4K as webcam. I do think that also when all will return to normal nothing will be the same and so the use of webinar expecially in academic field ( my field) will remain the same so allowing the use of good cameras for webinar will be something usefull also in terms od marketing I think. In this landscape I dont think that such an addon will be useless also for BMPCC4K sells. I refer to BMPCC4K not to all the Cameras from BMD as this camera was presented ALSO for uses outside cinema.
  5. Using Cam link 4k by Elgato it is possible (with good results in my experience) to use a BMPCC4k as webcam. In these times of pandemic webinars it's a good opportunity to increase the quality of your streaming capabilities. BUT.. Yesterday I have seen the news thar both CANON and FUJI have announced an app to use DIRECTLY EOS and GFX & X series of cams as WEBCAM. I wonder why BM with its proff in developing great applications (like my Davinci Resolve) does not devolep such a kind of application for its cameras using Usb c as output? or better why not to add this feature as part of the operating system of the BM cameras (to be clear the best could be to be allowed to recond the footage directy on a PC not only on an external SSD and also to be allowed to make in the same time a streaming session - with ZOOM for example you can make a streaming and to save the footage on your PS or Mac)?
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