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  1. Share your 30-sec Motion Array ad on Instagram by June 16and win an iPad Pro bundle + free subscriptions to Motion Array, Artlist and Artgrid! We are very excited to announce the new ad challenge that you can participate in even if you are stuck at home with just your computer. There is no catch! Use your personal footage and logos for a made-up brand and add in effects with Motion Array templates! You can also use Artlist and Artgrid resources.You have up to 30 seconds to share your creative short ad. You can only submit 1 post! For the submission to be accepted, your ad needs to designed as a split-screen showcasing your original footage in one section and the final edited Motion Array version in the other section. To complete your participation, upload your video to Instagram with the hashtag #MAadchallenge in the post caption or comments. Don’t forget to tag the Motion Array Instagram account as well!Sign up or log into your Motion Array account and access all the templates!For more details, check out: https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/motion-array-ad-challenge/
  2. We wanted to share with you recent news about our newest native drag and drop effects plugins! Each of the six plugins is a very different, individual effect and can be applied to any footage or text asset in your video. If you’re working across an entire sequence, apply the effects to an adjustment layer to alter multiple assets: 1. Camera Shake 2. Bad Signal 3. RGB Offset 4. Extreme Flicker 5. Slasher 6. Chromatic Aberration For more details, check out our short video and our recent article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5MI-wMPrrs https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/motion-array-effects-plugins/
  3. Motion Array is giving away a total of 3 LogicKeyboards! Enter the giveaway here: https://motionarray.com/learn/premiere-pro/logickeyboard-giveaway/ What makes LogicKeyboard a perfect option is how it fully incorporates some of our favorite After Effects and Premiere Pro shortcuts literally at your fingertips. Especially if you are newer to using shortcuts, it will help you to form a nice workflow for yourself – no need to google to learn what command you need to use. So if you want to spend more time editing your video and less time searching for how to do that one thing! #LOGICKEYBOARDGIVEAWAY ...
  4. The Shifter plugin is a set of 6 native transitions that you can apply to footage, text, or other elements to get a professional look with a simple drag and drop. The collection includes various styles for easy editing: Bounce Ease In Ease In & Out Ease Out Elastic Stutter Learn more here: https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/free-shifter-plugins/
  5. An update to anyone interested, check out some of the cool submissions: https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/on-my-desk-contest-submissions/
  6. The main theme of this film content is that it must be filmed on your desk, table or countertop. Get your creativity caps on and submit your best work, because there are cash prizes of $6000 to win. You can only submit one video file. You have up to 2 minutes to share your creative short film story. You must only film within the limits of your desk, table, or countertop. You cannot include any other place or location. No budget is required for your production – get creative! For More Details on Submission until June 15: https://motionarray.com/learn/motion-array/on-my-desk-film-contest/
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