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    Educational Resources?

    I'm glad you mentioned the Doug Jensen books/videos... My team has been using his video training on the FS7s for a while now. Thanks for the input!
  2. Greetings all -- Just wondering what magazines, books, forums, websites, organizations, training, schools, you use for continuing your education and/or getting new ideas as to gear, techniques, etc.? Trying to put together a list for the team that works for me, as well as to share with my leadership to help them help us find training opportunities. Personally, I've been relying on Newsshooter.com for a lot of my online reading, and have attending some excellent directing workshops at Maine Media Workshops. Other than that, it's been a lot of online videos via Youtube and some courses on LinkedIn Learning. What would you recommend?
  3. I bought a handful of Intellytech FL-40/FL-80 airlights last summer, specifically for a 24 ep/12-hour cooking instruction video shot in the tiny kitchen of a private residence. Using these as primary lighting, mixing with ambient daylight on our 10-day shoot, we got very reliable results with minimal color-shift and, since then, these have become some of my favorite lights to use in and out of studio. As with some other manufacturers referred to here by others, the power packs, cabling, accessories are odd, weird to deal with, and not quite as sturdy as one might like for repeated use, but quality of light-wise, I like them.
  4. Hello everyone! I have been a film/video production specialist since 1985, starting with US AIR FORCE (until 1997), then moving into broadcast cable, corporate, and educational media. Now working as Studio Operations Manager and Director/DP/TD for THE GREAT COURSES. Currently, the bulk of my work involves Directing/TDing live-to-tape studio productions of 12/24/36 episode x 30-minute educational "series" for direct-to-consumer viewing via DVD and OTT via The Great Courses Plus, Amazon, Roku, as well as library and commercial cable services. I work out of Chantilly, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., but live in Maryland, between Baltimore and Annapolis, or as we locals like to say, "I live and work in the DMV." Beyond that, I am a voracious consumer of television/movies and I enjoy reading, art collecting, and being a foodie.
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