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  1. I posted a question in the documentary section about Axios and how it might be filming its interviews these days for its HBO series. I'm not sure if that's the right place so I'll share a similar question here. - The world is using Zoom and so are we. But I wonder if there is any better platform for 1:1 or small group interviews that need to be recorded and put into a polished client deliverable. - Cloud recording in Zoom enables recordings of multiple screens (back and forth, side by side, screen share + speaker, etc.) but I am impressed with Axios' ability to get a wide / b-roll type shot even for its interview guests. (See pic.) Do you think they are just asking the guest to put a phone somewhere and then have it login to the conference? - I have been using my 5dMKiii along with Ecamm which can then output a virtual camera for Zoom to use. It works but its clunky. And for my set-up at least, without an additional monitor, it's cumbersome to check focus. While my C100MKii has an HDMI out, Ecamm does not support it. I'm just trying to make the web cam interview a bit more exciting. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. I have always been impressed with Axios' show on HBO. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have become even more impressed with the way its films "Zoom" style interviews with guests. For anyone who has watched it, I have a few questions: - How do you think they are handling multiple cameras with the guests (using the person's iPhone for b-roll?) I conduct a lot of video interviews with normal people (not high powered senators, business leaders, etc.) and I cringe at the thought of sending multiple cameras to people, getting them set up to use them, and even just sometimes having them send me a video file. - What platform do you think they are using to do the interviews? I use Zoom for my interviews with Ecamm Live's Virtual Cam. The latter allows me to have multiple cameras and streams to choose from in my edit. (Unfortunately the latest version of Zoom has disables support for Virtual Cam so I am not sure what I am going to do next...) But that's just for my video - not the participant. What could be the simplest, most elegant way of doing this? Thanks, Jonathan
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