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  1. Thanks for the help all. I went with the Luxli Taiko and am a very happy camper!
  2. Ok thanks. I also read your article that you just posted on NS which was an amazing help. Thanks for all you do! Adam
  3. Sorry, I should have quoted you in the above post.
  4. Matt. Did you run your own photometries on the Luxli Taiko? I am curious how it stacks up. B&H claim specs of 15,500 lux at 2.99' / 0.91 meters and the Neon is around 1000 at 3 meters. I wonder how closely they compare in the real world. Going to buy a couple of these s60 style lights soon and trying to figure out which brand to go with. My shortlist is: Luxli Taiko 2x1 RGBAW Aputure Nova (I own the 300D II which is a great light) Litepanels Gemini 2x1 Any others fixtures I should be looking at? Many Thanks!
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