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  1. the results are insane. look at this and all his other videos. shot on the bmp4k with sigma 18-35 lens: unbelievable. I need to retire
  2. well I just bought it because of you. I did a side-by-side with the tvlogic 5.4'' oled and the image quality is more saturated and looks damn fine to me in terms of contast. the build is great - lemo connector. just feels solid and like they have come a good long way. thank you as always - you are so useful to the filmmaker community.
  3. that looks super solid and useful for travel work when you need a big soft key
  4. I just bought this one - the new updated version - the orion 300 FS - and what a beautiful light. Fan noise issue has been solved. Works great with their iphone app. Great build quality. I am loving this.
  5. Hi guys. Seeing if anyone has experience with the smallhd cine 7 or the tvlogic f-h2 mark ii and their color accuracy and reliability. I love the smallhd style - but I've always thought their monitors are very inconsistent in accuracy. but alas the tvlogic is out of stock right now at B&H. let me know your opinions. Thanks!
  6. right on - well with the Kinefinity Edge supporting a E mount - I am super excited nevertheless. Think this maybe my next camera
  7. This is kind of cool - as I went down the rabbit hole. using the Kipon focal reducer on the red monstro vistavision camera (basically a full frame camera) - gave him a medium format camera. excited to see this focal reducer tech in the komodo to give it a full frame look potentially as well as using this focal reducer on like a canon r5 camera to get the medium format look in video for relatively cheap
  8. the other I can think of, is to use a focal reducer on the canon RF mount like the kipon bayers one or someone makes something similar and it's a full frame camera with global shutter. that would be pretty amazing
  9. but it's made for APS-C cameras like in the sony e mount as they say on their site
  10. another great thing by Newsshooter. My favorite gear site!!
  11. https://cf.sirui.com/Anamorphic-Lens.html seeing videos shot with this and the BMP4k: I think this lens is the start of the holy grail for me - an affordable anamorphic without having to spend $2k a day on rentals for a Kowa or using a crazy anamorphic rig. Once this puppy is avail in PL or EF mount, then we can use it on the bigger s35 cameras like the alexa and red cameras and I think it will be a huge hit. I'm hoping more companies also follow the lead. Anamorphic is so beautiful - that bokah, the field of view - the fall off. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  12. per this article: https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/05/18/red-komodo-6k-for-6k/ I will say, the Brad Pitt thing they shot with it - https://www.engadget.com/snl-brad-pitt-anthony-fauci-red-komodo-6k-123147689.html this looks great if it can easily cut with the alexa - with its global shutter - it could be a really useful b camera as a small camera to hide places like in a car or an overhead shot, or really low to the ground. I hope this camera does well. And I am excited to start to see tests.
  13. I feel like they really just need to get a west coast and east coast service center to be the main place to repair the cameras. It can't be too hard.
  14. If I could, the mavo edge would be my next camera. But yea, for now, no one knows about it. So what do you think are solutions for more people to find out about it? For me, I think they should go the red route - give the camera to Hollywood and independent filmmakers and youtube influencers, etc for free in exchange to show what people can make with them. Also, being like aputure and having an amazing blitz in the US with online tutorials and a great presence like the aputure spokesperson I really think this is an incredible camera, and now that pro res RAW is accepted by premiere, it's getting closer. and anyway, also you can shoot pro res 4444 on it.
  15. very excited about the 600d - curious if they will make a bi-color 600x?
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