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  1. Yup Premista is definitely out of my price range and hand held work would be intense with the weight. 😅
  2. Hi All, I thought maybe in the spirit of Tokina's announcement of their new zoom lenses that only cover s35 I would reach out and see if anyone had any gems in terms of full frame zooms? I am in the process of receiving a Tokina AT-X Pro f2.6 / f2.8 photography zoom which was based on an older Angenieux photography lens design. If it's a good lens it's crazy to think they produced something so fast 30 years ago and can't seem to replicate it now without a lot of bulk and expense. Kim Camera offer rehousing of that lens so we will see if it feels worthy of a rehouse. I am sure someone will mention the Angenieux EZ series, personally I kind of feel like the skirt that middle range and I kind of found them a little uninspiring. To me the dream would be Canon's RF 28-70mm F2 lens produced by canon in a cine housing. Sigma style but if they can design out the focus breathing, which apparently is an optical design issue and not a mechanical... I may have asked around... Hoping something unexpected and interesting might pop up. 🙂 All the best Michael
  3. Thanks for the reply Matt. Appreciate it. I did contact them and they will replace it for me but when I compared it to my new receiver model it looks pretty much the same. If you're not with a white background its harder to tell but it caught my attention because the menus were looking a bit purple on the edge with the first monitor. I might go into a store that stocks them... if they are open... and see if their models do the same thing. I have a feeling its probably a model issue or they have change panel suppliers. 😕
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across the issue of their SmallHD Cine 7 monitor's having purple fringing on the left and right edges of their monitor? It is really clear against a white background. I received a second hand unit and noticed it and then I received a new receiver version of the Cine 7 and noticed it on there as well. I am just trying to figure out if I'm unlucky and need to replace both of them or if its an issue with the model? Cheers Michael
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