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  1. No - but that's because you can jump on the RED site and be knowledgeable in 15 minutes. And it's so incredibly cool to know stuff about cameras. There's no need (or certainly no desire) to learn about an endoscope for performing arthroscopic surgery. And as soon as you start to get good at what you do, some 12-year old comes along and has your lunch. Then, you learn humility, aye?
  2. There is a syndrome nobody's touched upon. First time I shot with a Golden Panaflex, I took outrageous shots. Just holding such a superb piece of equipment between my hands was almost as exhilarating as a much-needed bowel movement. Yeah. You take more time with each setup. You craft. You feel the quality. It's the same thing as when you go from a Nikon or a Cannon (or choose your brand) and you pick up a Fuji GFX100 medium format camera for the first time. The thing is heavy, you feel the build quality and you can still smell the freshness out of the box. The glass just feels superior rolling focus. You take more time in composition before depressing the magic button. How many have experienced this syndrome in a camera or in a tracked dolly? In the day you'd say to yourself, "Vilmos Zsigmond, eat your heart out." Come on - fess up. You know what I'm talking about.
  3. I agree, too - though I try not to have clients like that anymore who tell you what brand name tools to have in your construction belt. Starting out - you may not have a choice except to play the game for which you are paid to dance.
  4. DON'T FEEL BAD. What is right for me or right for Gayle may not be right for you. You are in business to make your own choices - be they good or be they ill-conceived. Usually, you'll know what's the right thing to do even if it hurts. Do you know the definition of stress? It's when the gut says no and the mouth says no-problem. How many times have we all made that mistake. Anyway, I'm so happy for you! May your new purchase recharge your resolve to be a better shooter.
  5. FYI, NewsShooter and Mr. Allard are both a refreshing breath of air to the production industry. Where were you in '72?
  6. If your business model depends on serving fickle customers and if you live in a metro area with good rental houses, then, it is always best to rent your gear. If you serve outlier areas as a production company, better get in bed with your clients so that they come to you for your ability and not the name on your construction tools. If you are a freelancer - you're SOL because you'll need to use the latest and greatest - whatever the latest and greatest happens to be in Melbourne, Honolulu, Cleveland, Hamburg or where the next shoot happens to be located. If you decide to chase colored rabbits and get on the geary-go-round, you'll eventually discover that Sony is making more net profit than a lot of their would-be creative clients. So, what is the solution? #1. Great gear in bad hands does not win awards or repeat business. #2. Even a JVC camera in good hands can earn profit. #3. Good stories sell - even if they were recorded on wire. #4. High-quality has staying power. Buy the most you can afford. #5. Pick out your horse and ride that sucker until nobody will pay you to do so. Then, get a new horse.
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