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  1. I don't see the discount.
  2. I would say this guy know how to light. Any good punch light trough this fabric will make a great source. So spend 100 bucks on the cloth. Then look for your options on the light source. I would push for a godox 150 watt led with gels: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1342001-REG/godox_sl150w_5600k_150w_led.html Or some Menik small led lite mat. Even some small lights like the lupo smart panel even if it's the same price as the godox but a small led top camera fixture for run n gun. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/04/10/lupo-smartpanel-dual-color-review/
  3. Why wont you get 150 watt led instead, like the godox 150w. Same price. Just use gels. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1342001-REG/godox_sl150w_5600k_150w_led.html
  4. Ok I would not use prores raw with this cam because it already has a 10 bit log option well compressed and it's 4:2:2. so thanks but no thanks. I don't need to spend more money on hard drive space. If I really need the top of the line quality I will just rent an Alexa Classic for 500 bucks a day and make my short film.
  5. Wow, working real hard! Great way to place yourself. It's a good approach.
  6. I've been sitting at home since the 15th of march. Got a 15sec editing gig for a rehash of an old corporate video. And some people are talking about not having any large tv production in 2020. So it's kinda of a flat line.
  7. I need 10bit in my proxy so I render in prores LT from Adobe media encoder sadly. I use Resolve on a PC for editing and grading (I edit in a 1080p timeline with the prores LT proxy). Then at delivery you can place all the native 4k footage in a different bin and ask Resolve to conform with the target bin. It's quite useful. On a proxy note I didn't find any avid dnx flavor that was as light and 10bit to render to.
  8. What is the focus issue? I personally use canon EF lenses with an adapter and native fuji fx lenses. I don't particularly have any issues. I look into a 5 inch monitor like the smallhd or ninja V with a LUT and focus peaking. Just regularly look for firmware updates on the fuji body. Also for batteries I am looking into the kessler batterie adapter that uses dewalt power tools cheap batteries. I could plug the monitor as well.
  9. I just want to place this here. I use my xt-3 for corporate gigs under 15k of budget for a year now and been really happy with it. I also made a tv pilot with it. All recorded in 4k 200mbps 10bit. And macro shots in 4k 60fps 200mbps 10bit. For storage space and quality, it's a sweet spot. I rendered prores LT 1080p proxys to edit in Davinci. It's a great workflow. Basically, I got my money back with this little 1600$ camera and love the casual pictures I take with it. Anyway, you don't need to look at the future Canon 8k dslr camera because it will save in 4k h.265. Same thing. Fuji's xt-3 take a 6k raw image debayer and scale it down to 4k so you get a really great rendition of details. much love for my litle xt-3 monster.
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