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  1. That's what we want to do, USB-C port will be very useful, but few Brands here filed a patent for adding USB-C to similar battery as utility model patent. We can't believe why an universal USB-C can be granted patent, but we will be in trouble if add USB-C on our battery. Our lawyer said we might win if we resort to law, but it will take long time and high cost. Now our technicians are sourcing a solution for better charging......
  2. The voltage depends on the cells' nominal voltage adopted. This battery used 3.6V cells in 4 series, that's the rated is 14.4V. If use 3.7V the voltage will be 14.8V. But it won't affect the use of battery, don't worry. They are both 14.4V and 14.8V in the market.
  3. A new mini size V lock battery launched, it has nice appearance, we have got good feedback locally. The biggest highlight is its distinctive texture shell, which looked impressive at first sight. What’s more, it’s small size make it’s portable when on go. It has two USB outputs and two D-tap outputs, can supply power for many devices or mobiles at the same time. Photographer can easily check capacity by the LCD screen. Are you interested in it?
  4. YINCHEM lauched their RL-F971 7.2V, 6600mAh L-Series Li-Ion Batter, it's 47.5Wh battery in a compact form factor. It is compatible with most cameras that power via L-series batteries, and can also power 7.2V accessories such as monitors and lights. It can be freely charged at anywhere by Micro USB cable besides of L-series charger.
  5. You wont' have this trouble with YINCHEM new safe D-tap.
  6. Different. Lentequip version has LED to indicate red when plug in wrong way and stop output, while YINCHEM safetap can continue to work and output normally even plug in wrong way. We incorporate circuit protection with patented technology into the small black box. What's more. YINCHEM version is quite cheap then Lentequip. If you are interested in review, I can send few samples to you.
  7. Yinchem launched a new product SAFE D-TAP POWER CABLE No damage even plug inversely This is Yinchem patented product with intelligent cell inside small black box to have circuit protection, can be used even plug in inversely, protect your device from damage, to save time and make shooting more efficient. Integrated Design, More Durability Gold-plated connector pins adopted to have wider contact area and lower internal resistance. Metal pins are integrated during injection molding to reinforce on D-tap connector side for better durability and reduce uncertainty caused by manual assembly. It has excellent compatibility with D-tap sockets of most brands. If you are interested, please leave message. [email protected]
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