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  1. I own a rental house in Burbank and have had C-500's on order for months and then Bam, Covid-19 hits. I found out about a month ago I could pick the C-500's up now. Well, I won't be doing that since there is currently no production. It is surprising that Canon has had delivery issues with the C-500 and now they announce the new C-300 Mark III? On paper the camera looks fine. I am glad they FINALLY have a camera with a high frame rate. However, I will not be buying this camera unless people start asking for it. It is late to the party. All of Canon's cameras seem to have been a year or two behind Sony. I love the quality of the Canon image, but if you're late to the dance , you're late. I also have a big issue with Canon's pricing policy. They tend to over price the cameras and then drastically cut the price a year or so later. I understand the reasoning, but it hurts the used market in their product and makes you feel cheated.
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