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  1. preordered mine via DJI the next morning after it was released, I'll let you know when it shows up. Sure would be cool if a drone delivered it.
  2. I have the stills version of this lens (EF mount) and it's sharp as a tack and well built, though there is definitely distortion. It's not a total fisheye look, but it's not as good as the canon 14mm 2.8 II, though it is sharper, in my opinion. I prefer to use it w/ APS-C instead of full-frame, unless we're talking landscapes. appreciate the thorough review guys
  3. Cole

    Luxli Taiko 2x1

    Found this lil gem on Youtube:
  4. Cole

    Aputure 600d

    Only a DP/Gaffer would look at the economy collapsing and think "Hmm, I might be able to get that new light now" 🙂
  5. Cole

    Luxli Taiko 2x1

    Same here Jordan. I'm dangerously close to purchasing. Still 10% off for the time being.
  6. Cole Slaw here, indie content creator out of Atlanta. Love the site, Looking forward to the forums.
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