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  1. For a quick one-man-band interview setup, I've used the Aputure 120dii (w/ the lightdome 2) as key and a Stella Pro as a backlight and am very happy with the results. That said, If you're dead set on carry-on portability and would like a point source over a panel, perhaps look at getting a couple high powered Stella Pros. But I agree with the gang, get as powerful as a light source as you can (and then go shoot something cool)
  2. preordered mine via DJI the next morning after it was released, I'll let you know when it shows up. Sure would be cool if a drone delivered it.
  3. I have the stills version of this lens (EF mount) and it's sharp as a tack and well built, though there is definitely distortion. It's not a total fisheye look, but it's not as good as the canon 14mm 2.8 II, though it is sharper, in my opinion. I prefer to use it w/ APS-C instead of full-frame, unless we're talking landscapes. appreciate the thorough review guys
  4. Cole

    Luxli Taiko 2x1

    Found this lil gem on Youtube:
  5. Cole

    Aputure 600d

    Only a DP/Gaffer would look at the economy collapsing and think "Hmm, I might be able to get that new light now" 🙂
  6. Cole

    Luxli Taiko 2x1

    Same here Jordan. I'm dangerously close to purchasing. Still 10% off for the time being.
  7. Cole Slaw here, indie content creator out of Atlanta. Love the site, Looking forward to the forums.
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