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  1. It would probably depend on how much time it saved and whether using the service could lead to enough new sales to justify the cut. I have put myself forward for it as I don't have much to lose (bar 15% on a few sales) and am curious about how it works.
  2. How much is the percentage they take? If it isn't a significant amount it could be handy especially if other people can help out with the tagging.
  3. Hello all, This year I have been lucky enough to have gotten some paid distribution of one of my short films, it was bought for television (ShortsTV and another channel we are in discussion with) and I still had the option to distribute the film online provided that it wasn't available for free. Currently I have been using Filmhub (https://filmhub.com/) for the online distribution and they have got me on a couple of services, although their portal is great as well as their team as it stands I am unsure whether I would like to use them for future projects. Especially as they cut the films being available on the Vimeo Marketplace which is a real shame considering the default of getting into Amazon Prime is possible without using filmhub. Has anyone used any other services they would recommend? The next project I am making is going to be longer than a short film and will be approximately 3 half hours, physical distribution is going to be a small run in a local cinema with some other films with a cut of the ticket and digital.
  4. Sounds great! I end up working with Red media a lot so it's good to see such significant time savings.
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