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  1. Caine, after you use these, you don’t really want to use anything else. About a month ago I was shooting for a client with their gear and they use Gitzo legs and Sachtler heads. Neither of which I’m a fan of. After the first day I said screw it and I threw their stix back in the shipping container and grabbed a normal set of my Speedlocks out of my truck(one of my guys had my Flowtech’s and my HD Speedlocks on another shoot) to use the rest of the weekend. And as easy as the Speedlocks are to use, especially compared to slow-as-molasses Gitzo’s, it made me miss my Flowtech’s even more. And after shooting sports car racing all weekend, last week, all of my gear was absolutely filthy. After I got home, I took the head off of my Flowtech’s, opened them up completely in the driveway and just sprayed them down with a hose. Wiped them off with a towel and the sprayed them again and opened/closed them several times and wiped them dry, then put them up. There are a few little quirks that I wish could be fixed, like that the magnets that hold the legs together for carrying are just TOO damn strong. But even with a couple of little quirks, I think they are still the best overall legs for ENG style shooting.
  2. I believe the official specs are the legs have a ~66lb payload and that each leg itself is actually capable of the same vertical payload. There is an adjustment for each leg individually if one needs an adjustment, because of slipping(or too tight). There’s a detailed video from Sachtler walking you through the steps to do it. I’ve had my 100’s since their initial release and I haven’t had any problems with the legs slipping under load and I generally have what some would consider a kinda hefty payload on them, with ~25lb-35lbs cameras and Vinten 100(7lbs) or 250(13.5lbs) heads. This was probably at least a 45lbs-50lbs payload and I was running the legs in skinny configuration. I had to keep the footprint small, because of where I was in the venue and I needed all of the height I could get.
  3. You can buy “bean refills” from Cinekinetics/Cinesaddle and they appear to be perfectly round, miniature styrofoam type balls. But it seems like I remember others using buckwheat hulls(there are pillows made with them).
  4. Looks like we got our answer... Or at least an answer. They do look a little limited, though. At least on the 4K side. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/09/16/teradek-bolt-4k-lt/ Bolt 4K LT
  5. Interesting... On their website, most of the 500 XT and 1000 XT Rx’s & Tx’s appear to all be ‘special order’, except for integrated smallHD monitors and the 3000 XT series. One would think(hope) there is a replacement line coming, because I think it would be unwise to force all potential buyers to either(only) the very expensive 3000 XT series or the very expensive 4K series. Yes, there is also the ACE series, but that is, in my opinion, sort of below entry level and very limiting, being HDMI only. But then again, Teradek is considered the high-end and there are a lot of wireless video companies out there, so it’s conceivable that they decided to only go after the high-end(more lucrative) market.
  6. Maybe not so much judging YOU, but what they're paying for. I'm sure a lot on here remember "gear lists" that networks used to publish that their crews had to (reasonably) adhere to. And corporate shoots used to be big 'dog and pony' shows, where a lot of big, expensive equipment was brought out and set-up, even if it wasn't being used, just to make the clients "feel good" about the (sometimes) obscene amounts of money they were spending for these shoots. Just like in the early days of quality handicams, like the HVX-200 and small production companies started buying them and using them, but still charging the same amount as "real cameras". Yeah, they could make nice images when care was taken, but clients didn't like seeing those little toys. They wanted the big "real cams".
  7. 1) MYT Works Large 4’ slider. Self-contained, smooth, large payload capacity, well built, easy(ish) to travel(4’ and below fit in gun cases). 2) Multi-cam interviews, occasionally b-roll, but small gimbals have been replacing sliders for the same style of b-roll over the last few years for speed(no set-up). Videographer, while a technically correct word, is a bad word and no one likes to be referred to as one*. It’s connotation and association is largely with low-end and wedding shooters from the 80’s/90’s era. I’m not a DP, but do not call me a videographer. Call me a shooter, photographer, cameraman, photog, cam-op, camera monkey, asshole, ‘hey you’, or pretty much anything else, except videographer. Or late for dinner. *Kind of like ‘police’ and ‘cop’. In some circles, cop is considered a derogatory term for police or police officer.
  8. Oh yeah, I get that. But at least they are consulting with you and giving you a choice and not just forcing something on you. If only I had taken the money I spent on my first camera package and put it all in Apple stock then instead... But it's probably all for the best. If I'm a lazy AH, now, I can only imagine how bad I would be. Lol.
  9. Most Sony and Panasonic broadcast cameras have had built-in CAC type correction for at least the last decade and they usually automatically recognize lenses. At worst, you'd probably have to load a lens file in(usually provided by Sony or Panasonic), but then the cam should recognize the lens when it's connected. Regarding the flip out, that's why I suggested the EL30 VF. It has a flip-out LCD panel on top of the main OLED body, so you can use it for the quick low walking hero shot or holding the cam over your head, etc. The images on the OLED VF's on my F55 and C300(Graticle) kill the image of my Panasonic color LCD, BUT the Panasonic is a 3.5" panel with a double action flip away Diopter for when you need to see the image and can't be in the VF. Modern s35 cameras are insane in low-light, because you can crank the ISO fairly high with little noise introduced, but they are not built to do true ENG under the demanding, unforgiving conditions that we are subjected to, so often when doing it. And the 750 looks sick... And about right back up there with what ENG cams used to cost us. I can't find a US list price, but a direct translation from an Australian list price that I did find puts it around $40K US, which lines up with a review I read that said they were upwards of $80K for one with a lens and some basic support. I think my first VariCam was sitting at at least $75K in a ready store shoot state.
  10. My .02, as someone that’s probably in a similar position as you, with widespread shooting scenarios like that, and yours look heavily weighted towards ENG/Doc, I would lean towards the 450. The ENG build-up looks like a nightmare on the 7. The only real advantages I see to the 7 are the s35 sensor for sit-downs(but if you’ll be using only an adapted ENG lens, that goes out the window, because your DoF will stay the same and you’ll lose light if using an optical adapter) and the awesome built-in, as I call it, VeND(variable electronic ND). The Fs7 will NEVER be a true ENG camera, nor function like one in actual practice. My two main cameras are the P2 VariCam and F55 and even with the excellent 17-120 on my 55, it still pales in comparison to the shooting experience and conveniences I get with my Vari. Even when I’ve used my 13x4.5 Fuji on my 55(I have the IBE optical adapter), it still wasn’t the same. Just thoughts from an old ENG guy who shoots with 2/3” and s35. Also, I’d seriously look at/convince them to get you the EL30 VF, instead.
  11. A user on another forum that I'm on that has the R5 reported that there is dual card recording in 8K RAW modes. 8K/30P RAW + 4K DCI IPB 8K/24P RAW + 4K DCI IPB 8K/24.00P RAW + 4K DCI IPB I interpret this to mean 8K RAW is recorded onto the CFexpress card and 4K onto the SD card.
  12. Not trying to be a smart-ass, but the reason you can’t find anything, is because you can’t do that. I think the closest I’ve seen to that, are some of the data transfer apps let you monitor the progress on an iOS device, but that’s it.
  13. As others have said, Teradek is more or less the standard, which means adding additional units or replacing one that may go down is pretty easy, as that’s what most rental houses will have, too. And if renting your gear out, people tend to go with the well known standards, as well. I have a 500XT set that I picked up at the end of ‘18. Tx: SDI IN & OUT, HDMI IN; Rx: SDI OUT x2, HDMI OUT. And I just added a smallHD Focus Bolt(5” monitor with built-in Bolt 500 Rx) like a month ago when B&H had them on-sale for half price.
  14. That is one of the beautiful things with Vinten's and O'Connor's, their infinitely/continuously variable counterbalance and drag. It makes operating so much easier and better when you can get it all dialed in EXACTLY where you want it, not just close. And if it makes you feel any better, my primary Run & Gun set-up (pun intended) is a Vinten 100 and Sachtler Flowtech 100 which together weigh in a little over 16 lbs.
  15. Run&Gun

    PMW F5

    If you need 4K or slow-mo, it won’t work(but you can’t do slow-mo to an external recorder either, anyway), but you can get the ProRes/DNxHD card installed from Sony and record ProRes internally. I had the card installed when I got the camera, but I’ve only recorded ProRes a handful of times, because eventually people figured out how to edit without it... (insert sarcasm and eye rolls). One of my friends used to always get digs in on producers for this client we had that always used to ask for ProRes. He’d ask them if they wanted him to take them to the middle school next to his house so the 7th graders in the production classes could show them how to edit any codec/format, not just ProRes. I always found it amusing. Kids with laptops could do anything and this TV network with millions of dollars worth of editing equipment and professional editors couldn’t handle non-ProRes codecs. Also, ProRes will take up more space(data) than XAVC with no visual improvement.
  16. I never thought about the SLC being "in the way" either, until I got a chance to try the one on my buddy's rig. I have no idea about the the threading on the Sachtler's vs. the O'Connor's. You can probably call them and ask. Maybe... Vinten has this super weird(double thread) threading that NO ONE else uses. I had some custom super low-profile tie-down knobs/clamps made years ago for a hi-hat and I called Vinten to get the specs for the machine shop and their techs couldn't even give me the correct info. I ended up having to leave one of my heads with them for like a week so they could figure it out. They ended up having to special order the tap and die tools to make them. Cost me a boat load by the time it was said and done and then I ended up never using them.
  17. True. I was applying my criteria for my cameras. The OP may have a rig that fits easily within the payload capacity window of the 15. I like to have a fair amount of headroom and I'm typically between 25lbs-35lbs. Probably less if I'm shooting with a prime on my 55 or 300 and more if I have a Varicam rigged out for a live show.
  18. O'Connor. While Sachtler's are solid, smooth heads, their drag and counterbalance are not continuously variable. Being able to adjust your drag on-the-fly without "free wheeling" is very important, especially if you shoot sports, but it's very useful even on interviews and other similar things. And I consider the 15 kind of a small head. If I was buying a Sachtler, I wouldn't get anything below an 18. As far as the SpeedLevel Clamp, check the threads on the O'Connor, it should work as long as they're the same. I was actually debating having the stud swapped out of one of my Vinten's so that I could use the SLC, but changed my mind. I have a buddy with a SpeedLevel Clamp on one of his Sachtler's and it's kind of nice, but it also can be a hinderance, depending on how you move, work and carry your tripod. I pick mine up directly under the head, palm on the leveling clamp a lot while I'm actually shooting, so the SLC would prevent me from doing that.
  19. Run&Gun

    PMW F5

    I’m not sure why anyone would want to record externally if you didn’t absolutely have to. Outside of the AX5/AX7, external recording is going to severely hamper you. Frame rates will be limited “standard real-time frame rates”(24, 30, 60)(i.e: no slow-mo). And then you have something hanging off the camera that you have to worry about powering and cabling. The only times I’ve had an external recorder on my F55 was when we were shooting 4K RAW with an AX5 and AX7. And it’s hard to consider them external recorders, because of the way the attach and integrate with the cameras. If media cost is an issue, just use Sony XQD cards in Sony adapters. That’s what I’ve been doing on my F55 for the last five years. Even my sales rep talked me out of SxS cards and told me to go XQD/adapter. They are approved by Sony for ALL internal CODECS, resolutions and frame rates.
  20. Received the replacement(old style) struts yesterday and put everything back together. Rolled the top plate all the way down on the outer edge and slide it in towards me as far as it would go. Immediately took care of about 90%-95% of the complaints I had with it. It even sits lower. I can completely take my hands off of my VariCam and it just sits there. No more fighting it wanting to lean forward and into my head and even sitting too high. My F55 isn’t quite as stable, but I’ve never been a big fan of Zacuto’s shoulder pad. It’s no where near as good as a true ENG camera’s. I’m going to email Cinema Devices and let them know how much of an improvement just being able to make that relatively small adjustment made. Because unless it was adding a major expense to machining those top struts(no way it should have), every ErgoRig should be shipping with the ability to roll the top plate up or down like that. Or at the very least, the option to order one with the adjustment.
  21. Nice review, Nezih. But something worth mentioning, that we did discuss in the other thread, the current ErgoRigs do not have the roll adjustment for the top plate, anymore. The current shipping model(at least from the end of '19) only allows for horizontal adjustment. Maybe if enough people ask for it, they will add the adjustment back Or if buying directly from them, maybe they would customize it. They had two sets of leftover top struts from the early shipping models, with the adjustment and swapped out mine that do not. I should receive them on Tuesday, so I'll be able to see if rolling out the top stage will help my cameras sit more level. I did buy my ErgoRig with the Underslung attachment and I've found it to kind of be in the way and not as useful as I thought it would be. Three issues that I have with it: 1) The attachment that goes around the camera handle is bulky and in the way(but very well made). 2*) Where it attaches to the ErgoRig puts the whole underslung system too low. To get a waist or chest shot, you have to have to pull the camera almost to the top of the rubber cord putting it into an awkward position and too close to the operators body. 3) It is cumbersome getting the camera back on your shoulder with the underslung still attached. I found that the rubber cable tends to want to wrap itself around the camera when lifting it back up to re-shoulder it. *They have come up with an added attachment(extra $) for the underslung that is basically an arm that goes out and up from the top plate(instead of just hanging down) where it normally attaches, giving you more height and presumably getting the camera away from you body slightly and into a better position, but I have not tried it or seen one in person.
  22. Sent off the front and back plates yesterday to exchange them for the original style with the roll adjustment. It’ll probably be the middle of July by the time I get them with the shipping times, but then we’ll see if it helps make mine more useable for me.
  23. One of my backpacks has a locking buckle. The primary buckle on Hazard 4 bags has a user engage-able lock(don't have to use it and it's not in the way if you don't). And the buckles are available for sale. https://www.hazard4.com/accessories/hardware-addons/roto-locking-side-release-buckle.html
  24. Just read this thread. I have several IDX batts for my audio bag and the USB port MUST be turned on for use via a sequence with the “power check/battery meter” button.
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