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  1. Gotcha. Yeah, the V1 PSU/Ballast set-up is super janky. You sound like a man after my own heart. I've always been a "no-fill" guy. I like shadows in the right places. One of the long running, very popular doc series I used to shoot for was a single light on the subject. No hair or edge and no fill. Just the key. But we lit the HELL out of the background. I can just imagine if we were shooting that same series today, instead of ~20+ years ago.
  2. Let us know how you like them. I have two of the originals and I'm thinking it MAY almost be worth getting rid of(selling) them to be able to get two of the new ones, just for the new one-piece compact ballast/controller and new quick connect cables.
  3. Maybe it’s because I have been shooting sports since the beginning, but I usually shoot with both eyes open, except for critical focus checks.
  4. For me, it’s the exact and total opposite. It puts tremendous strain on my eyes to try to focus on a monitor, especially an “on-camera sized” monitor, that close. Now, without my contacts in, my up-close vision is decent, but still(and depending on light levels and how tired my eyes are), I can’t really focus them on anything closer than 8”-10”, anymore.
  5. Shooting without an EVF is a young man's game. I ran around one day last week with a friends Komodo with the smallHD Focus Pro they have on it. I like the little camera, but I need an EVF. I was just crossing my fingers and guessing about focus. AND we were inside and it was already dark when we were outside. If it had been sunny, it would have been 100 times worse/un-doable. If I end up getting a Komodo, I'll probably rig it with a Gratical Eye.
  6. Haven't had an issue with the GO that I have, BUT I'm not using it for real/critical audio. ONLY occasionally to monitor camera audio wirelessly and when I (usually) have an audio op.
  7. I’m not just piling on, but it has been really bad over the last several weeks or so, to the point I would usually hit the forum site for a second, glance at it and then just move on, because it was nothing but spam. I actually got curious one day and counted over 100 spam posts, in a row, from the same poster/bot. I know running a site like this is hard and largely a thankless job that many probably do for free as a labor of love. And I applaud those that are dedicating their time and resources to it. But I also hope y’all figure out a way to stop those annoying low-life’s.
  8. Caine, after you use these, you don’t really want to use anything else. About a month ago I was shooting for a client with their gear and they use Gitzo legs and Sachtler heads. Neither of which I’m a fan of. After the first day I said screw it and I threw their stix back in the shipping container and grabbed a normal set of my Speedlocks out of my truck(one of my guys had my Flowtech’s and my HD Speedlocks on another shoot) to use the rest of the weekend. And as easy as the Speedlocks are to use, especially compared to slow-as-molasses Gitzo’s, it made me miss my Flowtech’s even more. And after shooting sports car racing all weekend, last week, all of my gear was absolutely filthy. After I got home, I took the head off of my Flowtech’s, opened them up completely in the driveway and just sprayed them down with a hose. Wiped them off with a towel and the sprayed them again and opened/closed them several times and wiped them dry, then put them up. There are a few little quirks that I wish could be fixed, like that the magnets that hold the legs together for carrying are just TOO damn strong. But even with a couple of little quirks, I think they are still the best overall legs for ENG style shooting.
  9. I believe the official specs are the legs have a ~66lb payload and that each leg itself is actually capable of the same vertical payload. There is an adjustment for each leg individually if one needs an adjustment, because of slipping(or too tight). There’s a detailed video from Sachtler walking you through the steps to do it. I’ve had my 100’s since their initial release and I haven’t had any problems with the legs slipping under load and I generally have what some would consider a kinda hefty payload on them, with ~25lb-35lbs cameras and Vinten 100(7lbs) or 250(13.5lbs) heads. This was probably at least a 45lbs-50lbs payload and I was running the legs in skinny configuration. I had to keep the footprint small, because of where I was in the venue and I needed all of the height I could get.
  10. You can buy “bean refills” from Cinekinetics/Cinesaddle and they appear to be perfectly round, miniature styrofoam type balls. But it seems like I remember others using buckwheat hulls(there are pillows made with them).
  11. Looks like we got our answer... Or at least an answer. They do look a little limited, though. At least on the 4K side. https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/09/16/teradek-bolt-4k-lt/ Bolt 4K LT
  12. Interesting... On their website, most of the 500 XT and 1000 XT Rx’s & Tx’s appear to all be ‘special order’, except for integrated smallHD monitors and the 3000 XT series. One would think(hope) there is a replacement line coming, because I think it would be unwise to force all potential buyers to either(only) the very expensive 3000 XT series or the very expensive 4K series. Yes, there is also the ACE series, but that is, in my opinion, sort of below entry level and very limiting, being HDMI only. But then again, Teradek is considered the high-end and there are a lot of wireless video companies out there, so it’s conceivable that they decided to only go after the high-end(more lucrative) market.
  13. Maybe not so much judging YOU, but what they're paying for. I'm sure a lot on here remember "gear lists" that networks used to publish that their crews had to (reasonably) adhere to. And corporate shoots used to be big 'dog and pony' shows, where a lot of big, expensive equipment was brought out and set-up, even if it wasn't being used, just to make the clients "feel good" about the (sometimes) obscene amounts of money they were spending for these shoots. Just like in the early days of quality handicams, like the HVX-200 and small production companies started buying them and using them, but still charging the same amount as "real cameras". Yeah, they could make nice images when care was taken, but clients didn't like seeing those little toys. They wanted the big "real cams".
  14. 1) MYT Works Large 4’ slider. Self-contained, smooth, large payload capacity, well built, easy(ish) to travel(4’ and below fit in gun cases). 2) Multi-cam interviews, occasionally b-roll, but small gimbals have been replacing sliders for the same style of b-roll over the last few years for speed(no set-up). Videographer, while a technically correct word, is a bad word and no one likes to be referred to as one*. It’s connotation and association is largely with low-end and wedding shooters from the 80’s/90’s era. I’m not a DP, but do not call me a videographer. Call me a shooter, photographer, cameraman, photog, cam-op, camera monkey, asshole, ‘hey you’, or pretty much anything else, except videographer. Or late for dinner. *Kind of like ‘police’ and ‘cop’. In some circles, cop is considered a derogatory term for police or police officer.
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