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  1. I'll willing to fly economy into the US.. but will need a town car pick up to hotel.. and a corner room .. with executive breakfast lounge access ... thanks ..
  2. I would have thought the A7sIII would have specific S Cinetone picture profile .. yes I know different sensor and all that, but they make a claim about matching the Venice /fx9 color science ,maybe Slog.. but there are a ton of PP,s but not one that says S Cinetone (like).. I just thought that would be an obvious "feature" for a video centric A7..
  3. I use the Bolt 500 for a few years now.. I believe there is a newer version.. but as above Teradek is the standard .. all the rental companies have them because the they work and well built .. simple and works .. you have to go a long way before it cuts out ..
  4. yeah have to say a part of me is glad that 8k is a total mess.. I think the whole K thing is marketing bollocks .. 6k down sample to 4K seems to be the Goldilocks level.. for 99% of any productions.. at the most.. Sure make a specialist 8k camera for effects .. like there is for high speed .. , but in a mirrorless stills camera video mode ..???? 14 mins record time and 20 mins to cool down .. yes good thinking Canon management ,Im sure that was worth 1,000 meetings .. and the A7s111 coming out .. I'd be selling my canon shares .. presumably the engineers were against it but over ridden by their fearless leaders in suits ..
  5. Sony managed to address their over heating problems with a FW up date ,and I guess some legal arse covering where it says opting for the 'High" temperature freehold option in the menu could damage your camera.. but basically they had set the cut off limit way too low and no one has had a problem with the high settings .. and thew A camera,s just dont over heat anymore .. not sure if Canon have that leeway with the 8K sensor ..
  6. CMOS sensors are alot cheaper to make .. and easy to make larger size.. for manufactures it probably comes down to that ..
  7. Their menus certainly have been confusing .. but they have improved them in the Venice and Fx9 now.. as an owner they are not a problem .. you just set up the user menu.. but as a first time rental camera a bit of a nightmare .. was so was the Panasonic varicam menus .. put Sony to shame .. Arri is always easier as the camera,s dont really do so much either .. the big gotcha with the f5/55 was burning in the LUT by mistake ,this happened alot on the early days .. and the whole method of using EI.. that the recording ISO doesn't change .. even though people thought they were actually changing it on the camera dial / side screen ..
  8. I know .. thats what you have to get your head around .. but it seems counter intuitive ..
  9. The most easy way to shoot Sony EI mode , is throw the Rec709 800 MLUT in the EVF and SDI for monitors .. from memory I believe the f5/55 unlike the fs7 .. there is no option for the wave form etc to be reading anything but the MLUT levels if you are using one.. or just expose by eye if your used to shooting Rec709.. if your rec709 levels are fine ,so will your Slog 3 be.. just sticking with the native 2000 .. just shoot and it will be fine .. I usually just shot at native 2000 as I wasn't editing the footage and I knew post would just think I had screwed up the exposure .. I never had any complaints about noise ..but intentional over exposure will get you a cleaner image .. its that easy shooting wise anyway .. there is also, in the assign menu only, a function called HI/Low.. this is handy as press once and it will show the Slog hi lights and press again you will see the low image.. one more press and you exit back to MLUT rec709.. its a handy feature for a quick check. Some people shoot with the slog image in the EVF .. how they do that I'll never know .. but some do it that way too.. But as with others I just read and re read and re read XDCAM users articles .. then suddenly it sort of makes sense .. it seems odd that you lower the ISO to get more light onto the sensor .. but there is method in the madness
  10. Sony camera,s in Cine EI / Slog mode will only ever record at the native ISO.. deemed by Sony .. f5 2000 f55 1250 .. and only the 3 preset WB.. (Fx9 has dual native ISO 800 and 4000 and you can adjust the WB).. so in EI mode its like working with film.. you can set your light meter to a different ISO / EI, but the film stays the same ISO as whats written on the can.. apply a MLUT (monitor LUT ) REC709 is usually the best if your used to this levels already, to the EVF and changing theEI/ ISO will effect that only .. the recorded footage will always be ISO2000 on the f5.. ie .. change the EI/ ISO on the camera to 1000 .. the image in your EVF (with a REC709 MLUT) will darken 1 stop .. you are rating it at a 1 stop lower ISO.. so you open up the Iris one stop to compensate .. so you are intentionally over exposing your 2000 rated recorded footage by 1 stop .. this is sort of common practice with the f5/55 to over expose shooting Slog to get less noise in the shadows .. this is the main weirdness that trips people up .. Arri does it differently the curve actually changes .. but Sony the curve stays the same .. you are under or over exposing it by changing the EI .. they went for the same approach as shooting film and changing the EI on your metre .. Slog3 is very similar to Arri Log C as they both copies of the old Kodak telecine curve Cineon.. All probably described better on the XDCAM site .. thats your best bet for info all in one place ..
  11. Im not trying to be on your case .. but easy rig is not a generic name ,its the name of a product ,Im very sure its a copyright name too.. and really to say the clips on an "easyrig" are sub standard is not correct .. when actually you had a knock off at 90% cheaper than the real one.. thats the reason you had them opening and breaking .. not a huge deal .. but if I worked at easyrig I would want someone to flag up your comments ..
  12. Sure but you did specifically said your" Easy rig "clips broke and came undone when you put pressure on them.. in a couple of posts .. I ,like everyone else, would have presumed you were talking about an Easy rig .. when actually you weren't .. but an inferior knock off.. which would account for the clips being crap.. thats my point .. I wouldn't call a product by name as rubbish if its not actually the real item.. easy rig is not a general term ,but the name of a very well known product.. thats all..
  13. I would be a bit careful saying a product has useless clips that come undone and break ,when its not actually the real thing.. easy rig is registered product name that everyone knows .. better to say yours was a fake one from the start.. and that would explain why they opened and broke.. real easy rig they dont ..
  14. Had an easy rig for years and the clips never came close to opening .. I found them to be very strong .. ? sure you didnt have a fake one .. 🙂
  15. Right .. I thought there was some internal up rez.. you have ever had a client say no to the up Rez file ..Im sure its fine but production dont often know the techie stuff.. they just go by the numbers ..
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