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  1. I think it was addressed in that Ray said ENG cameras were very restrictive, in that you could only use them on your shoulder and so could only ever shoot "one perspective" .. which was a little strange having never used these cameras himself .. a few of us gave a very detailed explanation as to why this was totally a "wrong" statement.. you didn't read that ..? I also added that small cameras are not always convenient/easy to use, based solely on their small size and weight , as you have to hold them out in front of you for eye level shots, which kills your back , or shoot everything low, up peoples noses with sky as the background which invariably happens (as noted in another post ,all the fx6 promo videos ) ,and so the small size / weight ,thats sounds good is actually harder to work with than a larger camera .. for gimbal , car mount etc ,you can use larger cameras you just need larger equipment .. if you need to use one handed / small gimbals ,tight areas ,you use another camera .. its always been thus .. all this has been said no ?.. but regardless Ray says he's not convinced and no one has "proved" him wrong ,a slightly combative and odd stance for someone purporting to be on the forum to learn.. I fear not being right is a concept Ray its not ready to entertain in any situation Thinking that one camera can be used for everything ,is just going to give you a camera thats a compromise in every situation ..
  2. I guess I don't actually class a camera like the fx9 as a small camera .. its bigger than the f5/55 and very easily made into an "ENG" style camera .. its even has manual control of all 4 audio channels on the camera body !!.. and can also be made ":smaller " its the sort of Goldilocks size really .. my point about the small box cameras and the fx6.. sure its all light weight and small , but for doc work you really need to be able to handhold on your shoulder ,there is just no two ways about .. holding those small cameras out in front of you at eye height is really going to kill you back (and career) very fast ,seems great for the first 5 minutes but then its not !.. which is why we have all those up the nose shots as its the only way to hold the damn thing for any length of time.. (every single fx6 promo video) ..so actually they are much harder to work with than a larger camera ,on anything but a tripod ,also they are much more unsteady handheld prone to jitters because you don't have the inertia off something heavier .. there is a point of diminishing returns .. its like.. oh look at this great really small light weight parachute , we don't have to carry that big back pack around .. till you jump out of the plane and find its useless 🙂 ..
  3. what !! you are now contradicting yourself .. my first post was not rude at all .. !! or any of them .. go back and look at it .. you have just taken criticism very personally .. you made a bold claim that was totally wrong .. you didn't couch it in terms of your opinion but as fact , based on ..drum roll.. crews you has seen in the street and on TV ... your is the attitude thats odd.. you just cant accept you were wrong and insist on fighting this losing battle .. why are you on the forum if you cant take anything other than what you say .. all your posts are like this .. ":The comments that I made at the beginning still stand and no one has yet provided any evidence to refute them." this pretty much sums you up .. your comment was not correct , alot of actual professionals told you ,and even provided photographic evidence .. need to look hard in the mirror mate ..
  4. I didnt say anything about stills cameras , by your admission you have never used ENG cameras ?? I don't think I was assuming anything more you yourself had stated ..no ?.. and sorry but what you said was "wrong" there is no other word .. of course an ENG camera wont fit on a small gimbal ..not many cameras will let alone ENG .. you would need another camera for that or a steadi cam .. not sure what your point is there .. the same reasons you put forward its also why I wouldn't try to debate you after I had made an incorrect statement about a certain stills camera , I have no experience with them and so would keep my mouth shut ,or at least accept I was wrong , .. your really digging a hole now sir ...
  5. Well no .. pretty much all you said was wrong ..really its wiser to have used the cameras before making sweeping comments on their use, than based on TV crews you have seen in the street or on TV..this is empirically true 🙂 .. the reason we don't see ENG type cameras is most likely because a small box is cheaper to make.. but then the buyer has to make them useable . your statement " greater variability with greater ease,"..also Im afraid not correct..its much harder to hold a small camera out in front of you than a larger camera on your shoulder .. its a camera forum, so of course people with experience are going to flag up your comments that are not accurate .. no point digging a hole for yourself .. accept and move on .. everyone has been wrong its not a crime 🙂
  6. Yes sure you can have your opinion , but in this case, what you said was totally and empirically wrong , and you were informed thus by professional camera people who have used these cameras for decades .. and the new ones ..why not just leave it that .. its ok to be wrong and corrected by people actually working in the profession .. you could even thank those that have taken the time to correct your inaccurate claims to save you any embarrassment with a potential employer in the future ..
  7. Ray .. Ive observed thousands of air craft and flown in many too... but I wouldn't start telling pilots about the attributes or short comings of various models ...
  8. Agreed .. you can only use an ENG camera on your shoulder ? what ever gave you that idea Ray.. its not as comfortable for long periods than being on your shoulder .. but actually probably less discomfort than holding any of these small handy cam form cameras in any position.. as it has the size to tuck under your arm.. I must have done tens of thousands of shots with ENG cameras not on my shoulder ..
  9. This is an easy answer .. $180 of the $200 is for the ARRI stencil .. the quality will be better but not 90% better .. just the way it is .. Arri charge alot because the people using Arri gear are on shoots generally with a higher budget and higher rate for the DP.. .. cine gear has always been expensive but the rates for camera people were pretty good and they could afford it, but have basically declined heavily over the last 20 years when you factor in inflation .. so probably the days of the $200, $20 widget might be on the way out .. the gear I have now is a fraction of what a Betasp 400AP and an ENG ⅔ zoom cost me 25 years ago.. lights, tripods , lenses , batteries, Mattboxes .. everything now is really cheap compared to even 10 years ago.. .. to decide to be a camera person full time with gear when I started meant investing a fair bit more than the cost of an average house in the UK in the 90,s.. now you'll get alot more, and a far better camera for less than the cost of the average car .. for better or for worse ..
  10. so they are both crops .. whats the problem ..? its the same with the Sony A7,s.. its a way to crop into the FF sensor to give you a "digital zoom".. totally use able quality .. your only going from FF to s35.. put it on an assign button ..
  11. And for slo mo.. Up to 60 fps 5K mode , FF 2k for anything over .. Basically, s35 mode 2K scan is the worst combination ..
  12. By far the most common mistake is setting the image scan mode to FF2K or s352K..thinking it has to be set to 2K when shooting HD.. anything 2K is going to take a quality hit, only use it for HFR over 60fps.. set the imagine scan mode to FF6K and then set the Rec format to any of the 1080 formats and you get lovely HD down sampled from the FF 6K scan..
  13. Was there any normal frame rate footage .. the camera is quite complex , as now it has 3 different scan modes 6K/ 5K / s35.. and s16 in the next FW.. and then scan modes within those sensor sizes for high frame rates ..and things don't automatically go back to "normal " when you change out of S&Q .. most people put S&Q setting on user /all files to make sure everything goes back to where it was ! .. a big mistake is shooting 2k scan thinking you have to, to shoot HD.. but you can set 6k scan / 1920 1080 .. and the camera will down sample to a lovely HD image from the full 6K sensor ..
  14. could the operator have switched to s35 scan mode as a digital zoom ?.. so the difference is from the 6k FF mode to s35 mode .. 2K scan for the slo mo .. being that FF is a better image than the s35 mode for 2K scan slo mo
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