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  1. Yes agree .. my need for lights primarily is for interviews .. as I suspect would be most corp/ doc camera people.. so there would be no point taking a light / soft box thats so small that even a head and shoulders interview , up close ,it would not be soft enough for any wrap around .. the source has got to be big enough to make it worth while in the first place .. I still see these video,s on line of people putting diffusion straight onto a small light and then saying it makes it a soft light ..
  2. ok thanks.. . I always hand carry my camera / lenses and that pretty much uses my carry on weight/ size allowance,,well sometimes even that gets questioned and I have to fight for it ,my lights would be low on my list of priorities ,which was why I asked .. last year I had alot of flights and so far travel with a kit of 2 x Astra lit panels in a custom Pelican case ,with stands and a couple of mid size soft box,s.. its not too bad compared to the lighting kits we used to haul around .. but I think the Mat lights have to be the way forward for travel..
  3. Also depends what frame size you mostly shoot interviews .. I know the client dictates ,but if its specific shoot / client you do a lot for ,if its a tighter frame ,you'll get the same softness from a smaller source closer in ,as a larger one further back.. Im also on the look out for the same thing but think a Mat light is the way to go..as Eric says.. just start out with a large source in the first place.. then your soft box can be a lot smaller ..or just a diffusion over the light .. why do you need to have to carry on though ? .. out of interest ..
  4. I squeaked in my last shoot 15th/16th March .. a corporate shoot with the director coming in from abroad .. it was just before quarantine for incoming passengers .. the first and only paid shoot with my new Fx9 !! still glad I got at least one under the belt..a couple of one man band almost shoots that didn't happen.. there is a one week shoot hopefully going to happen in June . dependent on relaxing of emergency rules.. but it has given me time to really go over the fx9.. luckily I dont have any staff or office or loans .. so just living off savings basically . and that last pay check from March !..
  5. Yes very rudimentary tweaking of the small HD focus I have as a wireless directors monitor .. it was always a bit green I thought .. TBH the main purpose was just to drain my V lock batteries the 50% ..
  6. Very timely .. this was me a couple of days ago .. some very high tech calibration in my studio high above the masses in Probyn Plaza .. this method is only for those with a high level of training and complete command of the science involved .. and can make a decent cup of tea..
  7. Ive had pretty good value out of the Small HD focus SDI.. one cracked screen .. and one the whole interface went nutty .. like turning up side down.. suddenly zooming in 400% ..flipping between screens just really weird .. needed a new screen.. but the menu susyemn is great .. had a TV logic.. very well built but clunky menu and low Nit.. I was traveling alot with the Focus monitors .. and the screen is fragile for sure .. but at the price ,and if your working alot and they get a bit of a hammering ..well they are pretty much a consumable item... at the end of each year buy a new one.. just have to have a spare with you on a long shoot ..
  8. too late for me to be better .. just drink gin and wait for the fedex van..
  9. Sure I mean anything that gets shot they want to get it shown.. any production company needs make a profit .. sure its not revealing anything earth shattering I guess .. but I don't think it was promising that either .. its not doc specifically about MJ.. its about that season and some history .. but yeah for sure if they had some dirt on MJ that wasnt going to get in.. it is what it is .. but have to say as a non basketball fan , non American , non MJ / Bulls / Chicago / Hiphop / Fashionista / Shoe fan boy, I find it pretty interesting .. which has to be the acid test I guess..
  10. Weirdly since reading this article ,Ive ordered more gear !.. nothing massive .. but basically you just need to have that thrill of something in the post .. !.. admittedly this could be that I have a sad and lonely life ..
  11. I didn't really the feeling it was an MJ marketing tool.. . there is a section about his gambling .. that he could be pretty nasty to team mates .. how the dream team , MJ especially, was an arse to Toni Kukoc during the Olympics ..because he was coming to the Bulls and they thought Pippins place was under threat .. and they interview Kukoc and he say also basically they were pricks to him and they didnt even know him .. I mean MJ doesn't come over totally as mr Nice guy .. just an incredibly driven and competitive individual.. not necessarily great character traits .. I think the only reason it got made, or at least works, is all the archival footage of the news crew that had been given amazing access back in the day .. I mean any program ..no one is going to sign a release form if they have any idea they are going to shown in a bad light .. a "truthful " documentary is a pretty subjective .. its worth a look I think ..before judgement ..
  12. Yes this is right .. the idea that you can use your Sony f900 HD camera because it cost $100,000 and was used for Star Wars .. because you ,as the DP, are what they are hiring ,not your gear.. and the often toted , craftsman doesn't blame their tools, camera forum mantra .. is just not reality ....apart from the big budget feature film / TV show film DP world , and these guys seldom have any gear but a light meter .. there is a certain level,or commonly used camera for your market as freelancer .. Im sure the pocket BM is a very fine camera ,and I believe I have a decent CV and show reel .. but I would not get a lot of work if I said ,sure I'd love to shoot your project ,here's my rate and I will be using my pocket BM.. Ive had the RED camera thing many times too.. luckily I was already a Sony F5 owner when the fs7 took over my market almost totally . so for example, an fx9 is a very safe bet to buy for my work.. your camera really does matter .. you have to choose the right one .. rushing off to rent different cameras all the time is a pain, you have to learn them all, they have been knocked around ,and its very bad move financially..
  13. Yes Im old enough to remember seeing him play, well on TV.. and was always in the papers .. Jags and dolly birds .. an early role model for us wayward youngsters in England ..
  14. Yes it is a pain really .. but so many good things about the camera have to just put up with it I guess.. I bought 4 new mini V mount batts (FXLion Nano 2).. 98wh.. yet to do a long heavy days shoot but I think 4 x should be enough for a day .. and the small size is a bonus as far as weight and bag space.. but I personally prefer to use V mount ,but nice to have the option if you have to shoot somewhere super light weight gear .. I like the core design but actually I dont need the AC power plug so an even smaller one would be nice.. probably get made sooner or later .. but like the design that totally conceals the power cable .. being the eternal pessimist I just know that would snagged in my hands !.. anyway yes stay safe too sir
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