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  1. I realized that it was just that my level was set too low. Previously I had been able to leave it at around 50, but the color peaking doesn't even show up until at least 75/80. Been shooting with it on my last couple gigs with no issues. Regarding your advice, Robin, normal peaking really just doesn't do it for me. The main show I'm on now (Axios on HBO) involves constant movement and interaction with another shooter, so I have to both ensure that what I'm shooting is in focus and also dance with my second camera. It's much easier to tell with a quick glance if someone's eyes are in focus with color peaking. Plus, it's what I've been using for years, so I'm very used to it at this point.
  2. I updated my FX9 firmware to version 2.0, and it appears to have broken color peaking. Normal peaking works, but color, b&w, etc. doesn't work. I primarily work on verite stuff, so I rely pretty heavily on color peaking. Anyone else have this issue?
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