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  1. Anyone know if the IBIS on this new little low light beast will, or will not, work with zf.2 Zeiss Milvus lenses (mounted on an adapter, obviously - Novoflex in the case at hand)? If so, will it be possible - I would assume it would be necessary, actually - to specify focal length manually in a menu somewhere, is that menu easily accessible for working solo and fast, etc. In short, this is a usability question (!). Will be great if anyone that gets hands on a new body to test or review soon can delve into this issue and share whatever you glean. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for this reply. Of all the lens adapting challenges I have faced over the years, EF to F has been the worst; thin and weak and jam-prone has been the unfortunate common denominator. I have yet to find something truly rugged and solid, but will check out the Leitax angle.
  3. Has anyone heard if a Nikon F mount (for my beloved Zeiss primes) or Canon RF mount may be in the works for this powerful looking little wonder?
  4. Thank you Newsshooter for your excellent work, which has been enormously useful for me over the last several years, and for setting up this forum. I am a long-time, and formerly NYC-based, photojournalist and relatively novice documentary DoP currently based in Haifa. Some of my photographs may be viewed here: www.thomasdallal.com and https://www.instagram.com/thomasdallal/.
  5. After carefully reading your very thorough S1H review some months ago, my biggest question remained how to overcome inability to punch in for focus while rolling. This remains my biggest concern with acquiring and pressing an S1h into service. Does anyone know if adding an Atomos Ninja (or 7 inch, once they add ProRes Raw capability) allows for ‘rolling punch in’. Want to ensure my lovely fast prime glass can be shot wide open and shine with sharp focus in 4K!
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