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  1. I'm not sure that pricing is always as cynical as you imply. A manufacturer will only put the effort into designing, developing, marketing and retooling and manufacturing something they know will sell. They're unlikely to price it above what they know buyers will think reasonable. The demand for evfs is (always has been) small. Yes, mirrorless cameras have really good evfs and it would be great if you could just rehouse one of those. But consider how much of the circuitry, power and I/0 it shares with the rest of the camera. All of that would need to be redesigned and built in too. The the r&d cost of this needs to be recovered and if spread across the small number of units that would sell this would inevitably drive up the cost of the unit. As a comparison, the add-on XLR audio unit you can buy for, the GH5 seem expensive for what it is but this is because only a small proportion of camera buyers need one. This might be frustrating, but it's also unfortunately true, surely.
  2. Applying the tried and tested formula... It can be cheap, small or good; choose two.
  3. Graham Kay

    PMW F5

    Haha! All more very good reasons to keep life simple. Cheers guys, appreciated.
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    PMW F5

    This is great - really helpful advice in that it has helped me realise that what I was asking is in effect moot! Having said that, one reason I can think of (apart from media costs, which in reflection is neither here nor there) is to have footage is a more edit ready codec - ProRes etc. Also as I will often be using an external monitor this may as well be a recorder a well. But this is by the by, as you all have suggested. I will look into the AXS units again!
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    PMW F5

    Hi I know this camera is already an antique, but I've recently acquired one and I'm curious about external recording options - apart from the Sony AXS recorder - as an alternative to using SxS internally. Which currently available external recorders can accept a signal from the camera over SDI (rather than HDMI) and recording to ProRes? Thanks in advance!
  6. I can see this is going to be fun!
  7. Thanks everyone for such detailed guidance. It does all make sense - at least in that I can follow the logic of how EI works and how using the workflows suggested will get the most out of the sensor. I know from experience that it is going to take some serious trial and error to actually get everything straight in my head to the point where I can reliably turn out decent images! Thanks again, I'm much reassured!
  8. Hi Jamie That's great, thank for the LUT. I'll give it a go - and also put a few hours into the xdcam user boards! Cheers
  9. Thanks, Martin. You're right - my post was vague. But your advice is already helpful. I have used log footage extensively over the past few years (Panasonic v-log, Canon C-log), but not S-log, which seems to have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to deal with. Is this true? As for use cases, the most likely are: documentary shooting using natural and available light landscape lit interviews lit narrative (less often) The main question might be about how to use the Exposure Index setting for best results. I've read Alistair Chapman's long article about "rating" the camera to a different ISO than it is actually recording - quite a new concept for me, though I'm slowly getting it. (Does this apply to the FS7 too?) And of course: which LUT to use. Do you have a link to the one from Sony? That seems like a good starting point. So, where in the chain are you using the LUT? Do you put it after white balance, exposure, saturation etc? Thanks again!
  10. Hi I'm new to working with S-Log 2/3 footage and the internet is not being helpful so far. Can anyone here point me towards some reliable information about where to start - help separate the wheat from the chaff? xdcam-user.com looks intimidatingly comprehensive. (I'm an Adobe user, though more and more tempted by Resolve) Thanks!
  11. You're after the same holy grail as I am and have been for a few years. Quite why it seems impossible to make something like this is hard to credit. The components must be fairly off the shelf by now. Mirrorless cameras have excellent evfs these days, so the tech exists. All we need is something like that in a separate little housing. I have a zacuto evf like the one in the picture, which is just about ok but much larger than it needs to be, not high enough resolution and limited to 24p. But anything better is too expensive for what it is imho.
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