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  1. Just thought I'd bump this, because it's a little nutty that I got this excited about a $150 on-camera light. ...yet I did. I do a lot of filming with basically what I can fit in a single carry-on (including all camera, lenses, lights, batteries, etc). Until now, LED just didn't have the output in that tight pack to really get the job done, so I stuck with a Lowel 500W V-Light and 200W Pro-Light... with the inherent limitations of AC power and tungsten. So I took a whirl at these wee bricks. My new Lupo Smartpanel outputs about the same as a 125W Pro-Light. The color quality is nearly as good... and adjustable. It has enough punch to shoot through a small umbrella (granted, it's spotty and doesn't fill it, but the diffusion won't murder its output). LED still might not have the punch or perfection of tungsten, but we're getting awfully close. I'm ditching the Pro-Light for a pair of these in my travel pack. Now I just have to fabricate some barn doors....
  2. Greetings all... I'm Kevin McRoberts, your basic pudgy bearded camera guy. I'm based just far enough outside of DC to stay sane, but still get regular DC work in the documentary, corporate, and commercial realms. My favorite pastries are eclairs and all other pastries. Due to frequently shooting training media in hospitals, surgical suites, and bio research laboratories up to the BSL4 level, I don't get what all the fuss is about (ask me for any video biosafety tips). I once temporarily repaired a CJ5 driveshaft with a long strip of waxed cardboard and a quarter. I do not suffer from Asperger's (I have it, but don't suffer). Skunks frighten me moreso than bears. My stint in small market local broadcast news lasted exactly 7 weeks (9/2010-10/2010). My wife is way too hot for me. The last three songs on my Pandora shuffle playlist were: Angel From Montgomery - John Prine; Knuckle Down - Man Man; The Road Goes On Forever - Robert Earl Keen. Matthew Allard is my all-time favorite light reviewer. My pop culture frame of reference ends abruptly around 1997. All of the sound guys I hire are named Matt (coincidental... I think). My Lowel kit still makes me happy. I am the spitting image of a middle-aged Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. I don't think a football is a very good Christmas present. Pleased to be sharing pixels and wisdom and occasional idiocy with you all
  3. Is the short power cable (between transformer and light) just a standard 4-pin XLR?
  4. Improvising, overcoming, adapting. I shot my first wedding ever... incidentally also my first live stream shoot ever. Streaming church services. Trying to market my expertise in filming in medical and bio research scenarios (and thus biosafety knowledge and working safely with big name clientele). Marketing for more voiceover work. Pitching consultation services for setting up home studio spaces so your Zoom meeting peers don't have to look up your nose. Even simply being willing to work has gotten me work. Business is still limping, but failure is not an option.
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