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  1. Blackmagic Design informs the reseller a day or two before shipping, so it's very difficult to give customers info about lead times. If you're interested in purchasing an ATEM Mini Pro would suggest putting in a reservation/order at a local reseller. We're a Blackmagic Design reseller in the Netherlands, picture below was our first delivery of 3 ATEM Mini Pro's. Today we got another delivery but there's no certainty.
  2. Hey Guiseppe, The lens adapter company MTF made an adapter so you can use B4 lenses on the Super16 sensor of the Studio Camera without using the extender: MTF B4 2/3" to Super16 Micro 4/3 Adaptor If you would like to use Super35 zooms (with EF mount) on the Pocket 4K look into this Metabones adapter: Metabones Canon EF Lens to BMPCC4K T CINE Speed Booster® ULTRA 0.71x It allows you to use S35/APS-C lenses on the MTF sensor of the Pocket4K.
  3. Hello Everyone! First of all I would like to thank Newsshooter for creating this Forum. It’s nice to see a filmmakers platform that’s independent from social media giants like facebook. Let’s get to the subject of the thread: “Introduce yourself”. My name is Michiel and I’m an employee at the Vocas group of companies from the Netherlands. Most of you will probably know our Vocas Systems products as they have been reviewed and used many times by the Newsshooter team along the years. But something most of you probably don’t know is that we (Vocas Sales & Servcies) are the main Dutch reseller and service centre of brands like: ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic Design, Zeiss, Angenieux etc. I think there’s a lot of growth potential for the forum and would like to help wherever I can with answering questions and sharing knowledge. As we’ve got a complete showroom with a lot of camera’s, lenses and other filmmaking tools tag me wherever you can if you need me to test something for you or ask if we came across some technical problem in our service centre. If you would like to know more about the Vocas group of companies let me know, I would love to hear your questions. Stay healthy! Michiel from Vocas p.s. this video shows you our optical service department and a bit of our showroom
  4. Hey Runningvid, All depends on the type of work you are planning to do with the camera. Do you need a lot of zoom? or would you like a little bit more depth of field and better low light performance? I like to use www.dofsimulator.net a lot, you can enter the sensor dimentions and dail in the lens specifications and see if you like the dof and or zoom range.
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